3 in 1 Tree Service Introduces Cutting-Edge Root Management Technology to Athens, GA

3 in 1 Tree Service Introduces Cutting-Edge Root Management Technology to Athens, GA

Operating in Athens, Georgia, the local tree service-providing company is about to upgrade its services further by launching sophisticated technology for more efficient root management.

Athens, GA: A consolidated city-county in Georgia, Athens is growing popular among the residents because of its life amenities, good weather, and beautiful neighborhoods. The greenery scene of the area soothes the residents of Athens as long as it does not come to maintaining trees and saving properties. So, 3 in 1 tree service wants to assure them by assisting in that regard with their state-of-the-art root management technology.

Root management might seem a bit overboard besides routine tree care. However, it is a crucial part of urban infrastructure and landscaping maintenance. Presently, cities like Athens are expanding, necessitating the importance of including green spaces in urban planning, it has become challenging to grow large trees while securing infrastructure. “Maintaining a tree’s health is not enough. There should be a healthy balance between its roots and the surrounding infrastructure to ensure their friendly coexistence,” a spokesperson of the company remarked when talking about root management.

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Managing the root of a tree entails a range of activities. The local tree care service in Athens is committed to providing all of them in the most efficient manner by introducing their cutting-edge root management technology. “We use specialized equipment and apply root-stimulating solutions to soften dense soil from a tree’s root system. It improves the soil condition while facilitating the root’s growth,” explained a junior employee at the company.

Here is a list of the sophisticated tools and technology the company introduces to its community.

Root Barriers: Positioned underground, the physical barriers stop the roots from spreading toward buildings, sidewalks, and other sensitive areas.

Root Directors: They are placed around a tree’s root ball to promote new growth deep into the soil. It will restrict the roots from crawling back to the nearest surface and make them provide better structural support.

Soil Cells: Also known as soil vault systems, soil cells comprise interconnected modules incorporated under hardscapes and pavements. They create a blocked vault to let the soil prop up the tree.

Tree Anchors: Consisting of stocky rods or wires, tree anchors are safely attached to the trunk of a tree and placed deeper into the soil to provide weighted support. The anchors redistribute the pressure imposed on the tree to keep it strong and unperturbed during unfavorable weather.

Tree Grates: Tree grates, made of metals, safeguard the base of a tree from compaction due to pedestrian traffic. Also, they protect people from rough pavements caused by root upheaval.

The company is confident that introducing such equipment will yield plenty of benefits for Athens’ citizens. For one, its root management technology will optimally position the root of a tree within its planting site. As a result, it will have an extensive and healthy root system.

Secondly, efficient root management will preserve soil quality and lower compaction risks. This will prevent root heaving and surface disturbances in roadways, sidewalks, and pavements.

Last but not least, it will help homeowners keep their trees healthy and properties safe, saving them hefty costs. 3 in 1 tree service is dedicated to assisting them in maintaining their tree and landscape aesthetics at the best price in the market.

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