Accelerated BSN Online Programs By Elmhurst University Are Preparing Nurses for the Future, According to Experts

Online Accelerated BSN programs, like the one offered by Elmhurst University, are helping many people with an accredited bachelor’s degree make an important career decision to become nurses. 

Elmhurst, IL – Nursing is often considered to be one of the most rewarding careers, not just financially but especially morally and mentally. Many people who have a bachelor’s degree and are looking for a second career, maybe one that’s more personally fulfilling or financially stable, will find nursing to be an ideal career choice. In the past, getting a nursing degree would mean going to nursing school. However, thanks to online programs like Elmhurst University’s ABSN, or accelerated BSN online degree, it is now easier than ever before to become a nurse. Experts believe that now is probably the best time for anyone who wants to have a second career to take up nursing, especially since they can enter the job market sooner.

Qualifying for an online accelerated BSN program requires that you already have a bachelor’s degree, which allows you to pursue an accelerated path for your nursing degree. Your existing degree can be in any field but must be from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university. Some prerequisite courses are required prior to enrolling in the program as well. The accelerated BSN is a full-time program of study, but it allows students to earn the degree in less time than a regular program. The institution provides a team-based learning community, with the ability for students to engage with each other online, in a learning system designed to help students develop sound clinical judgement and critical thinking skills. 

The mandatory clinical rotations take place at a clinical site identified in the student’s local area, offering students the chance to gain hands-on patient care while under the supervision of a preceptor. 

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For those who decide to make a career change to nursing, some benefits of pursuing an accelerated BSN from Elmhurst University include putting your existing skills and experience to work. It’s an ideal time to switch careers and become a nurse, a field seeing demand at an all-time high. 

Pursuing the program online allows the University to accept students from Illinois and six surrounding states: Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. The accelerated professional training and preparation helps graduates of the program to enter the job market and start following their dreams of working as a nurse sooner. 

We have robust student services, an outstanding curriculum and an accomplished faculty with clinical expertise,” said Diane Salvador, executive director of the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences. “You don’t have to be big to be the best. 

About the University:

Elmhurst University offers a distance-based accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, allowing students to earn a nursing degree in just over a year. Students need to sit through three terms of study to enter the highly respected and professionally rewarding nursing profession. 

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