Aligned Capital Partners Inc.’s Shafik Hirani Introduces a Revolutionary Approach to Wealth Management

Discover a New Era in Wealth Creation with Shafik Hirani at Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Shafik Hirani, a seasoned financial advisor in Calgary, AB, has recently developed a novel approach to wealth management that emphasizes the Psychology of Wealth. His expertise in this field has gained significant recognition, with features on major media outlets such as CTV, BNN, and Global TV. Shafik has also been invited to deliver seminars to investment industry advisors and corporations across the globe.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Shafik’s esteemed career began with a large publicly traded investment firm boasting 4,500 advisors. His dedication and success led him to build one of the most prosperous practices in the country. Over 20 years, Hirani cultivated over 600 clients with Assets Under Management of over $200,000,000, ranking in the top 35 of the firm’s 4,500 advisors for a decade in a row, receiving the prestigious Presidents Elite award.

During his two-decade tenure, Shafik Hirani was promoted to Branch Manager, where he made an indelible mark. He earned the National Branch Manager of the Year award from 2006 to 2012, an impressive feat considering there were only 500 successful branch managers in the running.

In 2014, Shafik Hirani made the strategic decision to join Aligned Capital Partners lnc., foregoing multi-million dollar signing offers from prominent financial institutions and moving into a Calgary, based firm. Shafik was motivated by the desire to join a firm that would allow him to provide independent and objective advice to his clients, free from the constraints of a predetermined product shelf. As he has stated, “I needed to join a firm that didn’t tell me what to sell. I needed autonomy and objectivity for my clients.” Moreover, Shafik has asserted that the traditional approach to investing is “tragically flawed.”

Shafik Hirani advocates for a strategic approach that underscores the significance of minor alterations in driving substantial changes to an individual’s long-term net worth. In his view, achieving success in wealth management requires more than just a well-crafted portfolio and asset allocation. It also entails staying abreast of capital markets, the macro-economic environment, and geopolitical tensions. Nonetheless, Shafik contends that the primary driver of success is the psychological framework that underpins decision-making.

Shafik Hirani has consistently practiced what he preaches regarding the psychology of decision making. As a testament to his confidence in his approach, he advises clients with similar risk tolerances to invest in the same securities that he personally holds. His investment strategy has been successful due to his blend of traditional investing, as well as investing in private companies, rental properties, and individual stocks.

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