Andreozzi + Foote Files Groundbreaking Lawsuit for Wrongful Incarceration of Dion Miller Under New Jersey’s Mistaken Imprisonment Act

Hudson County, New Jersey — January 2024 — Andreozzi + Foote, a nationally recognized law firm advocating for crime victims, announced today the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of Dion Miller, an innocent man who endured over 19 years of wrongful incarceration. The lawsuit seeks damages under New Jersey’s Mistaken Imprisonment Act, N.J.S.A. 52:4C-1-7.

The Mistaken Imprisonment Act aims to compensate innocent individuals wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. Dion Miller, a resident of Hudson County, New Jersey, was convicted of crimes he did not commit, leading to an unjust imprisonment of over 7,000 days.

The lawsuit outlines the tragic events leading to Miller’s wrongful conviction, highlighting the extensive interrogation, false confessions, and subsequent trials that failed to consider critical evidence. In light of these circumstances, the Conviction Review Unit (CRU) of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office conducted a thorough investigation, concluding that Miller was wrongfully convicted.

The CRU’s findings revealed that Miller’s confessions were elicited through questionable methods, including officers feeding him information during pre-taped interrogations. Crucial components of Miller’s false confessions were withheld from the court, defense, and the jury during his trials.

The Attorney General’s motion for a new trial on July 25, 2023, resulted in Miller’s release on July 27, 2023, after spending nearly two decades behind bars for crimes he did not commit. During a press conference on July 28, 2023, the New Jersey Attorney General, Matthew J. Platkin, declared Miller an “innocent man” who had been “wrongfully convicted.”

Andreozzi + Foote filed the lawsuit on behalf of Dion Miller, seeking compensation under the Mistaken Imprisonment Act. The lawsuit demands judgment against the New Jersey Department of the Treasury for damages allowed by the Act, including $50,000 for each year of wrongful incarceration, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

In a statement, Nate Foote, lead attorney from Andreozzi + Foote, expressed the significance of the lawsuit, stating, “Dion Miller’s case exemplifies the profound impact of wrongful convictions on innocent lives. The Mistaken Imprisonment Act provides a vital avenue for redress, acknowledging the pain and suffering caused by a system that failed him. We are unwavering in our commitment to securing justice for Dion, seeking rightful compensation, and ensuring those responsible for this travesty are held accountable. This case underscores the importance of continuous advocacy for the rights of the wrongfully convicted and the critical need for reform within our criminal justice system.”

In the face of this egregious injustice, Andreozzi + Foote stands firm in its commitment to seeking justice for crime victims and holding accountable those responsible for the wrongful incarceration of innocent individuals.

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