Australian-Owned Paige Stainless Gains Greentag-Certified Status

Since 1993, Paige Stainless has serviced the drainage industry nationally and internationally. The company is Greentag-certified, showing its dedication to winning in the rapidly expanding green marketplace.

Caboolture QLD: Paige Stainless is pleased to announce that the company is now Greentag-certified. GreenTag-certified products pass the world’s strictest standards to protect customers’ health and safety, minimise the impact on planet Earth and put the power of selection back in customer’s hands. Green-Tag certification associated with products ensures that the highest environmental standards are being followed.

In this day and age with environmental issues at the forefront of the mind, there are many brands and products that claim to be environmentally friendly when only the loosest standards are being followed. Full GreenTag Certification (Global GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Level A Certified) means Paige Stainless products are both LCARate Gold Streamlined and “GreenRate Level A” certified.

No one else has manufactured Heelguard for the architectural industry for more than two decades to the Australian Design Standard. Paige Stainless is 100% Australian-owned, with material selection covering grades 304 and 316. Products are wheelchair-compliant and cycle safe. The grates are aligned with Australian and New Zealand standards for load rating and slip resistance values. The firm is recognised by leading architects and major builders for producing the highest quality, Australian-made wedge wire grating.

Wedge wire grating, also known as linear grating, has various applications in the stainless grating and drainage industry, including such things as stainless steel custom drainage, shower grates, bathroom grates, pool grates, balcony and patio grates, driveway grates, strip drains, and anywhere wet area drainage is required. From its conception in 1993, Paige Stainless has become the ‘light house’ for industry standards for the Heelguard wedge wire drainage market. Through a continuous supply of quality products, the company’s focus and commitment to the industry is apparent. The product is found and specified both nationally and internationally.

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The company was started from humble beginnings in the adjacent suburb of Narangba to enhance the surface water drainage market of the time by introducing a functional and aesthetically pleasing product. This goal was achieved and welcomed with confidence by the domestic, architectural, and civil markets.

Paige Stainless products are now used in all major renovations, building developments, and architectural landmarks in Australia and overseas, covering water features, platform and stair podiums, viewing decks, civil drainage, entry mats, domestic linear shower drains, and even art installations. Custom requirements such as tree surrounds, floor ventilation grillage and bespoke surface water drains are also available.

Kevin Finn explained, “We are a 100% family-owned Australian manufacturing business, situated in the shire of Caboolture, about 50 km north of the Brisbane CBD. Today, we employ on average 60 full-time personnel. Our facility is well established at Caboolture covering some two acres of land with one acre under roof. We now boast both robot and laser technology, full CAD CAM facility and a solar power driven workshop as some of our accolades.”

“Our sister company, International Screen Supplies (or ISS),” he continues, “has supplied raw screen material (Heelguard) to Paige Stainless for the last 20 years. ISS, along with Paige Stainless, has designed and built the machinery necessary for the security and longevity of the new-age drainage industry we inadvertently inspired. We are totally autonomous with both the supply of raw materials and the machinery to produce the heelguard screen. ISS is situated adjacent to Paige Stainless at Caboolture on 2000 sq meters of under roof facility employing some 15 or so full-time employees.”

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