Australia’s First Full Face Snorkel Product Launch Announced

Reef Mask offers the first and best snorkel mask of its type in Australia. The face mask is an upgrade from the old snorkel design.

Reef Mask is pleased to announce the launch of their latest product, the Reef Mask full face snorkel. The Australian product is the first and best of its type in the country.  The full face product is an upgrade from older versions of snorkels. Reef Mask has been involved in the industry for more than a decade, so the company founders know what works and what doesn’t. The original Reef Mask face snorkel mask models had design flaws that made them uncomfortable to wear. They also tended to fog up and were unpleasantly warm to wear. 

Reef Mask has teamed up with the top manufacturers and designers to develop a new mask product that eliminates the negative aspects of the older versions of the mask. Some of the innovative design features included in the new mask are dry top technology, a longer breathing tube, an action camera mount, flexible fabric headband, a super-wide anti-broken mask with a 180-degree field of vision, and a built-in drain valve. 

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The official Reef Mask is now available in various sizes and colours. The masks will be suited to adults or children. Since the company is based in Australia, the shipping time is shortened significantly. According to a spokesperson for the firm, “Our reef masks are of the highest quality and are the perfect way to explore the ocean in safety and comfort.” 

Reef Masks is Australia’s newest and best firm to supply the vital equipment for exploring the reefs. The company sells the full face masks, the kids’ traditional snorkel set, adult traditional snorkel set and the snorkel mask double breathing system. Fast shipping and a convenient way to order online make the product even more valuable for beginners, as well as veteran snorkelers. The experience of actual buyers is reflected in the 5-star ratings. 

About the Company: 

Reef Mask offers a redesigned full-face mask for snorkelers of all ages, sizes and experience levels. The company also carries traditional mask designs in children and adult sizes. Various colours are available, and shipping is super-fast. 

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