Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Strategy Services by Iteration Insights Enables Businesses to Make Data-Driven Decisions to Attain Desired Objectives

Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Strategy Services by Iteration Insights Enables Businesses to Make Data-Driven Decisions to Attain Desired Objectives

Iteration Insights offers services, content, and community support to enhance the significance of clients’ data, enabling them to make more informed business decisions. It is hosting a 4-day online, instructor-led Power BI intermediate training course from October 17, 2023.

Calgary, AB: According to announcements released by Iteration Insights and Maria De Somma, the business intelligence solutions and data strategy services provided by this consulting firm help businesses in Edmonton, Vancouver, Alberta, and Calgary discover insights through analytics, foster a data-driven culture, and design cost-effective analytics processes.

Iteration Insights is hosting an Intermediate Power BI training course from October 17 – October 20, 2023. This online BI course is ideal for those who have used the consultancy firm’s tool for around six months.

Business analysts, IT Users, and others will learn advanced Power BI concepts such as transforming and cleaning data using Power Query Editor, writing basic DAX expressions, and publishing dashboard visualizations.

The instructor-led course will guide participants through dimensional modeling, populating dimensional models, learning advanced DAX concepts, etc. Iteration Insights has also announced the Calgary Power Platform user group meeting on November 7, 2023.

Through its data strategy advisory services, implementation of business intelligence solutions, and comprehensive team training, Iteration Insights empowers partners to feel confident in analytics, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.

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Power BI by Iteration Insights offers a powerful tool that empowers individuals within organizations to access analytics effortlessly. Effective Power BI Governance is important as it safeguards against unreliable data sources, process disruptions caused by employee turnover, and the risk of providing untested applications to end-users. The Power BI Governance & Deployment package offered by Iteration Insights evaluates and optimizes clients’ Power BI Tenant Settings to ensure efficient operation.

It provides guidance for best practices to manage Power BI Workspaces, enabling seamless collaborations. The team from Iteration Insights collaborates with clients to establish and maintain a Center of Excellence, driving excellence and innovation. Clients are assured of identifying and addressing any potential security risks present in their Power BI Environment, ensuring data protection. The package includes comprehensive workshops on essential Power BI Architecture to enhance clients’ understanding and maximize functionality.

Maria De Somma of Iteration Insights said, “In 2017, Chris founded Iteration Insights with the vision of creating a world-class team. The desire was to do something different from traditional consulting and the common metrics used for success. Instead, the goal was to create a company with a balanced scorecard approach where the people, processes, and technology were done right from the start. With a background in analytics and the industry trending towards analytics, the entrepreneurial voice inside his head knew that now was the time to give this business a shot.

The company grew rapidly, and in late 2020, Iteration Insights became a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics. By 2021, the company has worked with partners across nine different industries and grown to employ a diverse team, many of whom had been hired locally from Alberta post-secondary institutions.

This rapid growth and supportive team mentality allowed them to post profits each year and share them with their employees.

With backgrounds across 19 different industries, our team members possess a broad skill set and experience base to understand a wide range of processes and data. This range of experience is only possible through our focus on mentoring every new team member as they transition to business analytics, and it has allowed for the maximum amount of growth and flexibility. Our team’s diversity, combined with their broad array of skills and chemistry to work together seamlessly, gives every partner we work with access to an agile, dedicated group of analysts with a deep pool of knowledge.”

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