Capital Home Mortgage Now Offering FHA Loans For Manufactured Homes

The new service is anticipated to assist more homebuyers in gaining access to affordable housing options.

Houston, TX – Capital Home Mortgage is delighted to announce that it has expanded its lending offerings to include FHA loans for manufactured homes, making homeownership more accessible and affordable to a broader spectrum of Texas families. This project aims to fulfill the growing demand for affordable housing alternatives by offering flexible financing choices within the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) criteria.

A great alternative to traditional housing is a manufactured home, which combines cost with performance and quality. Considering this, Capital Home Mortgage is dedicated to helping would-be homeowners navigate the frequently difficult process of financing these properties. Capital Home Mortgage offers FHA loans for manufactured homes, which make it easier for more people to get a house thanks to their affordable down payments, accommodating credit requirements, and attractive interest rates.

Leading the way in home financing, we recognize the value of creativity and flexibility in the current real estate market,” said Gerry Nicodemus, Business Development Manager at Capital Home Mortgage. “By expanding our services to include FHA loans for manufactured homes, we are not only addressing the needs of a changing market but also reinforcing our commitment to making homeownership accessible and affordable for everyone.”

Prospective homebuyers looking to benefit from this new offering can find more details about FHA loans’ requirements, benefits, and application process for manufactured homes by visiting This resource provides valuable information and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful home-buying journey.

Capital Home Mortgage remains committed to providing high-quality service and expert advice to all its clients, and it is thrilled to offer these FHA loan options to assist more individuals and families in realizing their dream of homeownership.

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