Chandler Trust Attorney Offers Skills In A Range Of Practice Areas

The local trust attorney in Chandler, AZ, uses legal knowledge to help clients protect loved ones. The legal team creates reliable customized trusts for living trusts and estate plans.

Chandler, AZ: Citadel Law Firm PLLC and David Gerszewski are pleased to announce that the trust attorney firm has provided several reasons to encourage clients to use its services in planning for their estate. The Chandler firm specializes in trusts and other estate planning strategies. The attorneys have a wide range of service areas and a strong background in their specific practice areas. There are specialized lawyers for tax law and business lawyers for corporate law. The firm has built a good reputation in the area of business law.

When a person or a family is looking for an estate planning lawyer, they usually try to protect themselves and their families. The clients want to maintain their healthy family dynamics and prevent future generations from fighting with each other. Clients want to maintain their assets for future generations, so protecting assets should be a consideration for those looking to secure their financial future and protect their hard-earned wealth. The local legal team in Chandler, AZ, has the experience to provide services such as a living trust to clients looking to protect loved ones. The firm helps with living trusts for blended families and dynasty trusts.

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Price transparency is another benefit offered by the Citadel Law Firm. It provides fixed-price living trusts and estate plans. The firm is also recognized for its honesty; the lawyers offer free reviews of out-of-state trusts. Many families or individuals want to protect their families against unpredictable situations like divorce or car accidents. The trust lawyers at Citadel Law Firm are here to help clients locate and execute a trustworthy estate planning strategy unique to their family. Creating trust documents will require a trust lawyer to sort everything smoothly.

There are two reasons clients are likely to seek legal help to prepare a trust: to avoid probate and protect against divorce, creditors, or other unexpected situations. Assets can be transferred to others in one of two different methods. Assets can be transferred by a court order, usually called probate. A private contract can also transfer assets to another person or company. By establishing a trust and correctly funding and maintaining that trust, a private contract is established to avoid probate. Creating a living trust makes less hassle, and you do not need to go through the probate process.

Assets held in trust can help clients protect themselves and their families against unexpected life situations, such as car accidents and divorces between others. A trust can also protect the following generation from similar situations where child support is much needed. The attorneys also have experience in elder law and financial planning, which they will consider when designing legal papers and an estate planning portfolio.

The Citadel Law Firm can help with particular trusts such as Special Needs Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Dynasty Trusts. The legal team categorizes trusts into four types: Living Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Revocable Trusts, and Irrevocable Trusts. A trust that goes into effect as soon as it is created. It is called a Living Trust because the person creating it is still alive. A Testamentary Trust is created and goes into effect when the named person in the trust passes away. This type of trust is usually included in a will when a Living Trust can’t be created. It is very effective in protecting assets for the next generation.

As the name indicates, a trust that can be changed or revoked is a Revocable Trust. The person creating the trust can change the terms of the trust, such as the trustee or the beneficiary, or revoke the trust entirely. An Irrevocable Trust is one in which the owner gives away the ability to change or revoke the trust.

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