Child Custody Lawyer in Sarasota, Florida Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus of Loftus Law is Now Qualified to Serve as a Guardian Ad Litem

Child Custody Lawyer in Sarasota, Florida Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus of Loftus Law is Now Qualified to Serve as a Guardian Ad Litem

Attorney Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus of Loftus Law has recently completed her training to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem. Her experience and knowledge of family law, coupled with her empathetic approach to divorce and child custody cases, have earned her the trust of the community she serves. 

Sarasota, FL: According to an announcements released by Loftus Law and Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus, this child custody lawyer in Sarasota, Florida has recently completed training to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem under the Court’s volunteer program in family law cases.

This family law attorney plans to bring her extensive experience handling contentious custody battles into her voluntary role as the “eyes and ears of the Court.” As a Guardian Ad Litem, her primary responsibility will involve considering the positions of the parents, examining available evidence, and providing recommendations concerning the well-being of minor children.

Ultimately, the Court will decide what is in the best interests of the children, informed but not controlled by what the Guardian Ad Litem reports. Leslie’s empathy, grasp of the controlling law, and commitment to pro bono work make her an excellent fit for this new endeavor.

Loftus Law recognizes that every family law case is unique and demands special handling. With a focus on individualized attention and detailed guidance, Loftus Law is dedicated to providing clients with a working understanding of Florida family law so they can guide their own case, to the extent appropriate.

Family law matters can be overwhelming and emotionally charged for clients, who frequently are facing court proceedings for the first time. That is why Loftus Law places great importance on a collaborative relationship with its clients. The journey begins with a comprehensive consultation to establish a solid foundation for the legal matter. Ms. Loftus works hand-in-hand with clients to ensure their goals are articulated, agreed upon, and circumscribed by realistic expectations. This allows for a strategic approach tailored to each client’s specific needs and situation.

At Loftus Law, options are not just presented, they are fully explored and reviewed with clients. Ms. Loftus also reviews with her clients the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action as the case progresses, providing insightful recommendations that empower clients to make informed decisions.

Understanding the pitfalls and uncertainties inherent in the family law court system, Loftus Law emphasizes resolving issues outside the courtroom whenever possible. No lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a hearing or trial and, therefore, Ms. Loftus favors resolving cases in mediation or engaging in the collaborative process where possible. However, if these amicable solutions are not fruitful, Loftus Law assertively and knowledgeably pursues clients’ interests in court through motion practice and trial. Throughout the legal process, Ms. Loftus remains resolute in presenting her clients’ positions assertively and appropriately, while upholding the highest ethical standards and standards of professionalism.

Divorce in Florida is governed by no-fault laws, but the process can still be complex and emotionally challenging. Loftus Law recognizes the importance of addressing all significant issues in a divorce, including property ownership, support called alimony and child custody. Whether clients choose to resolve matters through amicable discussions, mediation, trial, or collaborative divorce, Ms. Loftus offers specialized training and expertise in navigating alternative dispute resolution methods. Settling cases often leads to higher client satisfaction and a greater likelihood of adherence to the agreed terms, as well as a substantial savings in legal fees and other costs associated with bringing a case to trial.

As an experienced family law attorney, Ms. Loftus is committed to guiding clients through the intricate process of dividing assets and debts, determining support (alimony), establishing a timesharing schedule, calculating child support in accordance with Florida statutory guidelines, and addressing all other aspects of divorce proceedings.

Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus of Loftus Law says, “[w]hen facing divorce or other family law issues in Florida, many people feel powerless. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney who knows the system, can explain the process, and work with you to obtain the best possible results is critical.”

Located in Sarasota, Florida, the lawyers at Loftus Law represent clients in high net worth divorces, including obtaining mediated or collaborative settlements, handling child custody and timesharing issues, determining or modifying child support or alimony, asserting fathers’ rights and establishing paternity.

Loftus Law’s lead attorney, Leslie Wulfsohn Loftus, is well-established in Sarasota and has been practicing law for nearly 40 years. She has had the highest “AV” rating from judges and her peers for over 30 years and has been designated as a “Super Lawyer” for over the past 5 years running.

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