Chiron IT Creates Solutions for Southern California Utility Company

Chiron IT offers IT Consulting Services and assistance with the Digital Transformation of clients. They support the variety of needs and requirements of enterprise organizations across all industries and government organizations across all sectors.  This includes one of their newest clients: a major Utility Company in Southern California.

Chiron IT has expanded the scope of work with one of their newest clients – a major Utility Company located in Southern California.  The project began simply as an app that would help field technicians to standardize on a series of procedures and checklists for handling on-site calls at end-user customers.  The engagement has expanded with a new project for a solution for field technicians to automate and streamline the process of tracking safety observations and damage assessments for end-user customers of the Utility Company.

Alex Pollard, founder and CEO of Chiron IT, leads the Global IT Consulting firm in delivering innovative Digital Transformation solutions.  Chiron IT specializes in empowering enterprises and government agencies to streamline their operations, enhance employee collaboration, and boost productivity.  All of these benefits result in significant cost savings for ongoing operations.

“We are excited to drive Digital Transformation for our Southern California client in the Utility sector.  Together, we are delivering innovative solutions such as the Apprentice Card, safety observations, and damage assessment applications. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to harnessing technology to enhance operational efficiency and safety within the Utility Industry,” said Alex Pollard, CEO of Chiron IT.

The purpose of this project is to accurately measure, track, report, and document all potential safety risks at customers’ physical locations and provide a consistent process and procedure for field technicians in identifying these risks.

Chiron IT Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Jeff Baker, added, “I’m proud that Chiron’s customized solutions will save our Utility client tons of money by bringing operational efficiencies to their Field Technician Organization.  In addition, our unique offering will reduce technician injuries and ultimately save lives at our client’s end-user customer locations.  Most IT companies can’t boast that their work actually saves lives.”

The ultimate goal is to prevent accidents or disasters at the physical locations of the customers and reduce personal injuries for both field technicians and personnel of the customers.  This is the first engagement/collaboration between the two companies, and the scope of work has expanded as of the beginning of April 2024.

Chiron IT plans to offer this unique solution – which is a combination of tablet hardware and customized software and mobile apps – to many more Utility companies across the entire US landscape.  The solution can also be adapted for use by any company with field technicians – regardless of industry.

Jeff Baker further commented: “We believe that these solutions should be deployed at any Utility Company with field technicians.  The potential impact of cost savings, reduced injuries, and most importantly many lives saved is quite massive on a national scale; if more companies embrace these solutions.”

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