Contract Lawyer In Toronto Speaks Out About Urgent Importance of Compliance in Highly Regulated Industries

In 2024, regulators are clamping down, and a Canadian lawyer with a focus on contract law says that regulated entities need to ensure their contracts are compliant.

TORONTO, Ontario

As regulators across Canada in highly regulated industries crack down on the parties they regulate, a contract lawyer in Toronto warns regulated entities that they need to ensure their agreements with third parties comply with all applicable rules.

“While governments do sometimes take initiative to reduce regulatory red tape, I’m seeing a lot of regulatory burden being imposed in 2024 that entities must comply with – whether in the food and drugs space or the crypto industry,” says lawyer Harrison Jordan.

“Therefore it’s paramount that any contracts with third parties comply with the regulations imposed on the parties – or else risk a headache that can cost time, money and resources. to ameliorate,”

Substance Law Professional Corporation offers comprehensive services tailored to various regulated industries, ranging from Cannabis and Psychedelics to Crypto and NFTs. As a bourgening contract law firm in Toronto, the firm has the experience and industry knowhow to assist clients with the intricate process of drafting contracts tailored to the specific needs of their businesses.

Running a successful business involves addressing various legal issues and requires competent legal support to navigate the complex regulatory landscapes of today’s markets. Substance Law is a trusted business lawyer helping Canadian businesses with licences and resolving legal challenges. Its unique focus makes it the ideal strategic partner in resolving legal matters in regulated industries.

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Whether a startup navigating regulatory hurdles or an established enterprise seeking to expand into new markets, Substance Law Professional Corporation stands ready to provide unparalleled legal support. As the premier contract lawyer in Toronto, Substance Law combines legal experience with industry insight to empower clients and drive success in today’s dynamic business environment.

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