Courtemanche & Associates Announces Expanded Services with SAYAS Alliance’s Acquisition of Medical Resource Network

Charlotte, NC: As many may recall, several years ago, SAYAS Alliance, a U.S.-based company led by Sandeep Goel, purchased Courtemanche & Associates. At that time, he promised to always look for ways to improve and expand services to meet the growing needs of clients, both present and future. Today, Courtemanche & Associates proudly announces that SAYAS Alliance has expanded the services available to C&A’s client base by acquiring Medical Resource Network (MRN). MRN provides legal nurse consulting services designed to support healthcare organizations. Designed to deliver medical fact-finding for sound decision-making, MRN offers specialized expertise in the analysis of complex medical issues to assist with loss prevention, expeditious claims resolution, and litigation support.

A U.S.-based company with U.S.-based employees, MRN can assist organizations in the retention of medical experts, external peer review, risk assessment, medical record review and analyses, medical research, and other services.

“When looking for an opportunity to expand our services, MRN’s mission, vision, and values aligned perfectly with those of SAYAS Alliance and Courtemanche & Associates. To continue to advance our companies with these pillars in place, the leadership team of Courtemanche & Associates will also lead MRN,” said Sandeep Goel, President and CEO of SAYAS Alliance.

“The MRN team delivers superior quality and cost-effective services that are customized to meet the individual client needs. The staff has advanced medical and legal knowledge and work experience in a wide range of specialty clinical areas. This, coupled with their strong commitment to confidentiality and stellar communication skills, makes for the perfect partner for Courtemanche & Associates,” said Patricia Cook, Head of Consulting Services for SAYAS Alliance.

The Legal Nurse Consulting team members stay abreast of the continually changing standards of care that define the foundation of our country’s healthcare expectations. Their healthcare experience and exposure to the various electronic health record systems allow for a smooth and timely analysis of records.

“Expanding the services we offer to meet the needs of law firms, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, insurance companies, physician groups, and third-party administrators will help advance the goal of high-quality, safe patient care,” said Ronda Katzman, Head of Operations for SAYAS Alliance.

To learn more about Courtemanche & Associates’ services and how they can help organizations advance high-quality, safe patient care, visit and learn more about the two SAYAS Alliance divisions, Courtemanche & Associates and Medical Resource Network.

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