DaklaPack US Introduces 100% Recyclable, Resealable, Stand-Up Pouches with Pre-printed Recyclable Code 4 Logo

DaklaPack US is among the leaders in the packaging industry in the United States. It has launched 100% recyclable, mono-polymer stand-up pouches. Their mission is to create innovation in packaging that aids resource conservation and waste reduction. The resealable pouches allow for diverse and convenient use.

Wyckoff, NJ: According to announcements released by DaklaPack US and Sander van Ruitenbeek, the American branch of DaklaPack Group has launched a range of recyclable, stand-up pouches made from LDPE. An innovative approach to developing sustainable packaging materials and a firm focus on customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of this business.

The resealable mono-polymer, recyclable code 4 LDPE pouch offers superior protection and can be custom printed. Its multipurpose nature makes it an ideal eco-friendly choice across industries and sectors. The resealable grip closure brings convenience to consumers. This integrated closure makes it effortless to open and close the pouch, ensuring the product stays fresh and usable.

The pouches are designed with tear notches. These notches allow for easy opening and ensure a hassle-free user experience. This packaging company has successfully extended the product’s shelf life and improved its protection by incorporating an additional barrier coating in these 100% recyclable mono-polymer pouches.

This barrier acts as a safeguard, preserving the freshness and quality of the contents inside the pouch. Consequently, the pouches are suitable for products that require extended storage to maintain the integrity of the contents. The multi-layer pouches are ideally suited for custom printing on the inner side of the exterior layer, with the added advantage of complete protection of the print by a film coating. These pouches feature excellent defense against oxygen and moisture due to the inclusion of EVOH, ensuring ultimate barrier protection.

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With five different formats available, the pouches cater to various product sizes and quantities, offering options for specific packaging needs. Whether a small or large order, the pouches can be purchased in a range of quantities, providing flexibility and customization. The business can easily handle large volume orders, fully customized and with full-color printing.

The mono-polymer pouches present a sustainable, versatile, and convenient packaging solution. Their recyclability, resealable grip closure, tear notches, extended shelf life, and multiple format choices make them excellent for food and non-food applications.

These pouches reduce non-recyclable waste and costs associated with waste management. They can help businesses meet their sustainability goals and embody a green mission.

DaklaPack has made it a mission to drive positive change in sustainability through its products and business practices. It strongly emphasizes developing eco-friendly packaging solutions and minimizing the business’s environmental impact. DaklaPack US achieves this by using sustainable materials and adopting efficient manufacturing processes. This allows DaklaPack US to provide products that meet the highest sustainability standards.

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of its sustainability approach. DaklaPack US is dedicated to providing clear and concise information about our sustainable initiatives and practices and the environmental impact of our products. By holding ourselves accountable, we ensure our actions align with our sustainability goals.

DaklaPack’s industrially compostable stand-up pouches offer a sustainable and forward-thinking alternative to traditional plastic pouches. Constructed from a blend of kraft paper and PLA, these pouches provide an eco-friendly solution. Each pouch features a convenient resealable grip closure, they are available in various sizes, making them versatile for food and non-food products. The interior of the packaging is coated with PLA, which effectively protects the paper from oils and grease. The PLA coating is fully biodegradable and derived from plant-based sources. Furthermore, all compostable packaging options are food-safe but also help maintain the original flavor and freshness of the contents.

Sander van Ruitenbeek of Daklapack US said, “DaklaPack Group manufactures a wide range of flexible, medical, laminated, and sustainable packaging.” Options include flexible, rigid plastic, paper, and foil laminates for stand-up pouches. We also manufacture laminates that are resistant to aggressive industrial materials. DaklaPack’s customers can choose from various standard and fully customizable packaging. Our capabilities include custom packaging, medical kitting, and medical device packaging.

We develop complete solutions from unique packaging, procurement, assembly, distribution, and employing IT to maintain traceability. Determining the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging material is a complex matter. DaklaPacks’ mission is to continue their nearly 50 years of experience providing innovative, sustainable packaging design.

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