Employee Wellness Programs by HealthSource Solutions for Happier Employees and Higher Workplace Productivities

For more than four decades, HealthSource Solutions has delivered top-notch worksite health promotion and fitness center management. Its employee wellness solutions are customized to a company’s objectives, budget, and size.

According to announcements released by HealthSource Solutions and Mary Kruse, employee wellness programs run by this service provider have enabled businesses to help their employees achieve mental, social, financial, and physical wellbeing while working in a conducive environment that they can easily adjust to.

Its wellness program management module offers three solutions meant for organizations with different needs and budgets.

The first solution guides companies in developing an employee wellness plan and then focusing on it. It’s a primary offering via which a business can develop a yearly calendar with objectives to meet. HealthSource Solutions provides consulting services and educational materials. Through quarterly and year-end reporting, it delivers timely and valuable feedback. It also conducts two behavior change programs each year.

The second solution helps companies via active support in program implementation. HealthSource Solutions assists the business in developing a wellness committee and champion network for achieving annual objectives and measuring up to the key performance indicators. Ongoing program support, reporting and consultation are among the other services provided.

The third employee wellness solution is geared to help multidimensional companies take their wellness program to the next level.

HealthSource Solutions provides corporate fitness solutions for single-company and multi-tenant clients.

The onsite fitness center offers multiple benefits, such as improvements in employee morale because they can see that their employer cares about their wellbeing. It reduces absenteeism due to the encouragement provided for regular exercise at the workplace. Employees prefer to stay with the company that provides them with this wonderful opportunity. An onsite fitness center at the workplace also helps with recruitment.

For more information, go to https://www.healthsource-solutions.com

Mary Kruse of HealthSource Solutions said, “Our Onsite Wellness Program managers are integral in developing and maintaining a solid infrastructure, fostering collaboration and integration, and providing employees with a resource that is approachable, trusting, and easy to work with.

Our Onsite Wellness Program managers work to understand your culture and employees, so we can support you on the most effective tools and resources to meet your corporate and wellness goals. The concern for mental health and emotional wellbeing has continued to escalate over the past decade — and then came COVID-19 elevating those concerns to new levels. Increased stress associated with navigating unknown terrain and the ever-changing conditions of work and home life has become the norm. HealthSource Solutions’ goal is to disrupt this “new normal” with our Mental Wellbeing Solution. Our program takes a multifaceted approach to support and enrich the lives of your employees. We blend our programming expertise with turnkey tools and resources to create a program that truly impacts their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Having an onsite staff from HealthSource Solutions brings the entire depth and breadth of our team to you. Our staff stays connected, supported, and educated. All our staff have access to the resources, knowledge, programs, and specialty disciplines that we offer.”

About the Company:

HealthSource Solutions, established in 1979, enrich employee wellbeing through their programs. The breadth of solutions available with this service provider allows companies to select programs best suited for their needs and budgets. This is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and operates with a natural empathy for other women-owned companies. 

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