Enriched Adult Day Care: Brooklyn’s Acclaimed Senior Center Announces Introduction of English-Speaking Group

Enriched Adult Day Care offers comprehensive senior care programs to help improve the lives of seniors, providing the environment for social activities and meaningful friendships.

BROOKLYN, New York — The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than 15% of New York City’s population of over 8.3 million residents are 65 or older. With about 96% of older New Yorkers prefer to age in place and age often causing physical or cognitive impairments, these conditions can make it hard for them to care for themselves at home.

Enriched Adult Day Care has a mission—to help seniors live their best lives by providing opportunities to learn and establish meaningful friendships with other seniors, all within a cheerful and safe environment. Operating senior citizen centers for adult day care in Brooklyn and Westchester, the organization is well-supported by a well-rounded staff of amiable, caring, and attentive adult daycare specialists.

Senior day care centers help to reduce feelings of loneliness and retain independence and mobility with the support and motivation of experienced caregivers. Importantly, they offer respite for family members and home caregivers who hold full-time jobs, knowing their loved ones are safe and secure away from home and attended to by the dedicated team at Enriched Adult Day Care Services.

Celebrating cultural diversity, these centers are renowned for their inclusive social environment and provide seniors with opportunities for socialization and engaging activities. Each center boasts a dedicated team of bilingual staff members fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

Enriched Adult Day Care Services’ Brooklyn center is now unveiling a brand-new English-speaking group where participants can connect and enjoy stimulating activities. These senior groups meet at our social adult day care center 2–3 times weekly in a bright and cheerful environment.

With a commitment to stand out among other senior day care centers in the area, Enriched Adult Day Care offers comprehensive services beyond caregiving and social activities. The care center in Brooklyn has an onsite physical therapy facility and aquatic therapy provider.

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Enriched Adult Day Care centers provide fully equipped therapy facilities within its premises. Additionally, two separate physical therapy clinics are accessible upon request, featuring cutting-edge equipment tailored to tackle issues related to mobility, flexibility, or functional limitations.

Skilled physical and occupational therapists collaborate closely with each member to craft a customized plan to restore functional movement and improve overall well-being. This free service sets Enriched Adult Day Care apart from other senior centers.

Physical therapy and aquatic therapy services are available for all members who need the service, and the center’s staff will assist with questions regarding financial assistance or insurance support.. They will also arrange the required service and transfer members to and from appointments.

Community integration is a core part of Enriched Adult Day Care’s programs and allows seniors to enjoy local community outings besides the center’s activities and workshops. The center provides transportation, sending seniors to their destination and back home again at the end of the day. The center’s vehicles support all mobility devices, and trained drivers can assist seniors of all abilities.

Nutrition for seniors is planned by a registered onsite dietician at the center, catering to medically prescribed diets or special food restrictions and supervising all menus to ensure members receive freshly cooked nutritious foods and essential hydration throughout the day. Seniors receive two meals and a snack from various hot or cold restaurant-style meals.

Since 2012, Enriched Adult Day Care Services has been instrumental in improving the quality of life of seniors by providing adult daycare services that focus on immersive education programs, fun activities and outings, interactive games and crafts, and fresh, nutritious meals. It continues to provide the highest quality of friendly and compassionate advanced care for seniors in Brooklyn and is well on its way to Establishing a long-term presence within the New York senior community.

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