Foundation Repair Process Protects Structural Integrity of St Louis Buildings

St. Louis Foundation Repairs has proudly served the greater St. Louis area for nearly three decades. It offers comprehensive, reliable, and long-term solutions to foundation issues.

Ellisville, MO: St. Louis Foundation Repairs and Kent Schrum are pleased to announce that they are the go-to business for foundation crack fixes and basement waterproofing. It is an experienced one-stop shop for all wet basement problems. The company has provided foundation repair in St. Louis and the surrounding areas for over 27 years. The typical foundation crack repair process doesn’t require costly excavating. Most cracks can be repaired from the inside with less than a few hours of effort. Some repairs may require outside excavation, and the company can even work with leaking or wet cracks. Different foundation repair needs require different foundation repair processes.

If not addressed, foundation cracks can compromise the foundation’s integrity and negatively impact the home’s value. Not all foundation cracks are the same, so different repair methods are needed. Homes with a poured concrete foundation will likely develop one or several cracks eventually.

Foundation crack repairs, concrete repairs, and basement wall services are all requests that the company handles for customers. There are two primary types of cracks. One is the vertical crack that runs from the floor to the ceiling, and the other is a horizontal crack that runs across the length of the wall. Because the horizontal crack runs in the same direction as the steel in the wall, it has no structural support. Therefore, they should be addressed immediately.

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Foundation cracks are not just a cosmetic issue. If left untreated, they can lead to real problems and even further damage the foundation. Even tiny cracks can turn into larger ones and cost more to repair; this is why the St. Louis repair company offers concrete and foundation crack repair for St. Louis business owners. When dealing with foundation cracks, timing is critical; they need to be addressed immediately once found. To spot the presence of crack, begin with any weak points, such as at the corners of doors and windows and around any penetrations through the foundation.

Foundation cracks can develop because of several different factors. Some common ones include adverse soil conditions, extreme temperature changes, settling, earthquakes, and poor workmanship. All foundation cracks should be addressed. Even if not repaired, they should at least be noted and monitored. If even the most minor cracks begin to widen, they should be repaired immediately. The rule of thumb for determining the need for repair states: if any cracks are wider than the hairline or if any are already leaking, regardless of how wide. Even if they are not leaking but it is planned to cover over the walls or finish out the basement, repairs should be completed.

Water in the basement may not be a cause for concern on a structural level, but it is aggravating and can lead to damaged property, mold, or a range of other more expensive side effects. Mold is a concern for the health of building inhabitants. Mold also can affect the appearance and market value of the home. Seeing watermarks, drips of water, or experiencing more severe water pooling in the basement indicates that the issue should be analyzed to prevent future damage. St. Louis Foundation Repairs offers a high-quality basement waterproofing service for residents of St. Louis and beyond. The company is the top location for solving wet basement problems.

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