Frederick Supply Chosen by RKI for “Go Red” Campaign: A Testament to Long-Standing Success

Frederick Supply Chosen by RKI for “Go Red” Campaign: A Testament to Long-Standing Success

Frederick, MD – June 27, 2024 – Frederick Supply, a leading distributor of gas detection equipment and safety/PPE, has been selected by RKI, a renowned manufacturer of portable and fixed system gas detection equipment, to participate in the exclusive “Go Red” campaign trough this year. This prestigious partnership is a testament to Frederick Supply’s long-standing relationship with RKI and its exceptional record of accomplishment as a distributor.

RKI handpicked only a select few distributors from each region to partake in the “Go Red” campaign, and Frederick Supply is proud to be among the chosen few. With an established history of success and commitment to excellence, Frederick Supply has consistently delivered top-quality RKI products with sales, service, and support, to its customers.

Ian Gilbert, President of Frederick Supply, expressed his enthusiasm for being selected, stating, “In the beginning, it took a couple of years to decide what gas detection equipment we were going to sell. We only wanted to offer one brand, with an eye on servicing most major brands. We tried every major brand in rental as a gauge of performance, quality, and durability. RKI was unmatched in its user-friendly functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance, over all their competitive counterparts. It was not even close.”

Gilbert further emphasized RKI’s outstanding performance during their trial period, highlighting the brand’s reliability and cost-effectiveness. He added, “RKI’s components (sensors, pumps, etc.) are about half the price of other major brands. RKI’s performance during our trial was unmatched. If you want to find out the true mettle of any equipment, put it in a rental fleet for a few months.”

As part of the “Go Red” campaign, Frederick Supply encourages interested parties to reach out to their knowledgeable staff to learn more about which RKI products qualify for the campaign. Despite the exceptional quality and unmatched performance of RKI products, Frederick Supply’s prices are so competitive that they cannot be advertised, making it essential for potential customers to engage directly with staff to discover the exclusive offerings.

In an exciting development, Frederick Supply’s sister company, Cal Gas Warehouse, is participating in their own way, by offering 58-liter RKI calibration gas at unprecedented prices.

Craig Hill, Managing Partner of Cal Gas Warehouse, shared his enthusiasm for the campaign, saying, “We decided that Cal Gas Warehouse would sell the 58-liter RKI calibration gas at a crazy low price to help new and existing RKI portable gas detector owners get all of the supporting gases that every gas instrument owner needs, as inexpensively as possible. We chose the 58-liter size because it is the most popular size requested and we are selling it for less than most are selling the 34-liter product.”

Cal Gas Warehouse’s decision to offer the RKI 58-liter calibration gas at such competitive pricing reflects their commitment to providing exceptional value to customers. Hill added, “We are excited to participate with Frederick Supply in getting as many people as possible, as inexpensively as possible, into what we believe to be the best portable gas detectors made, in RKI Instruments.”

For more information about RKI equipment and the exclusive offerings available through Frederick Supply and Cal Gas Warehouse, please visit and

Alternatively, interested individuals can contact Frederick Supply at (301) 698-2509 and Cal Gas Warehouse at (301) 698-2708.

About Frederick Supply:

Frederick Supply is a leading distributor of gas detection equipment and safety/PPE, providing top-quality products and exceptional service to its clients. As a trusted partner of RKI, Frederick Supply is committed to delivering reliable solutions for gas detection needs.

About Cal Gas Warehouse:

Cal Gas Warehouse is a sister company of Frederick Supply, under Gilbert Development Group, Inc… They specialize in the provision of environmentally friendly calibration, bump, single, rare, and complex gases for gas detectors and fixed systems. With a focus on affordability and environmental responsibility, Cal Gas Warehouse prides itself in offering exceptional value and sustainable solutions.

For media inquiries, please contact: or or call (301) 698-2509.

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