General Valve Four-Way Diverter Valve at Energy Products Company Available in 3″ – 16″, ANSI 150# – 600#

The General Valve Four-Way diverter valve does not require line pressure or external hydraulic pressure for positive sealing. This valve is also available with hydraulically powered gear operators that reduce installation and maintenance costs.

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the General Valve Four-Way diverter valve is available with this retailer in sizes 3″ – 16″ and ANSI 150# – 600#.

The valve does not need line pressure or external hydraulic pressure for positive sealing. The seating elements or slips move at right angles to the face of the ports. The seals are made from tough elastomers that can be bonded or held in place mechanically in the slips.

The slips retract from the body before cycling for frictionless functioning that prevents abrasion, damaging the seals. The seals do not rub or slide against the valve body or ports and thus last longer while delivering optimum service.

Low cycling torque with these valves means that these can work with actuators that work with less power. The design offers savings that accumulate over time.

The resilient primary seal does not undergo overcompression because of the metal-to-metal secondary seating. The design of this valve enables mechanical retraction and compression for a leak-free stream separation that adds to the system’s life.

This four-way diverter valve is also available with hydraulically powered gear operators. These can be custom designed and built to deliver better reliability and lower installation and maintenance costs. The components are housed in a durable, hardy, explosion-proof cover that protects the mechanism from a hostile, external environment. The hydraulically powered gear operators can be retrofitted to any four-way diverter valve run by gears. The self-locking gear system can run at speeds of up to 900 rpm.

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As stated by Energy Products Company, the General Valve Four-Way diverter valve offers fast and easy operation by hand or automatically with electric motor or hydraulic actuators. Lower cycling torque permits the use of smaller and less expensive power actuators. The standard gear-operated four-way diverter valve is not self-locking; therefore, it is recommended that all manually operated four-way diverter valves be equipped with a latching device to maintain seating position when the valve is unattended. When sold as a motor-adapted valve, be sure to select only self-locking actuators.

In-line maintenance cuts operating and downtime costs. Because the seating segments are mounted via dovetailed connections to the plug, they can be removed from the top or the bottom and examined without taking the valve from the line or disturbing the actuator. This added flexibility allows the valve to be installed upside-down for easy access to the actuator and slips.

The four-way diverter valve uses the reliable pressure gauge method of checking for positive sealing to ensure metering accuracy. The gauge automatically indicates seal condition each time the valve is seated during proving, even in low-differential operating conditions. The pressure gauge connects to the body cavity between the valve slips. As the slips expand in the diverted position, the resilient seals contact the valve body, trapping the fluid between them. Further expansion of the slips during valve seating compresses the seals further. The resulting increase in volumetric space between the slips, without an increase in the amount of fluid, will cause a pressure drop.

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Energy Products Company is the largest distributor of general twin seal double block & bleed valves, WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding gate valves & Orbit rising stem ball valves serving the petroleum industry. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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