Launches Good Tix: Discount Cinema Vouchers With An In-Built Donation To Charity

Movie lovers can now save on cinema tickets while making a meaningful impact. Good Tix are discounted e-vouchers with a charitable donation built in. 50% of profits from every Good Tix sold supports climate and cancer solutions, suicide prevention and more.

Good Tix is revolutionising the way Australians enjoy their favourite new release films, offering moviegoers a chance to save on cinema tickets while also contributing to a good cause. Sold as easy-to-use e-vouchers, Good Tix can be immediately redeemed at participating cinemas either in person or online.

Good Tix are up to 40% cheaper than a regular movie ticket, depending on location. The price includes a donation to the buyer’s choice of one of seven charitable causes: disaster relief, suicide prevention, cancer research, Indigenous equity programs, carbon removal schemes, endangered species protection and LGBTQIA+ health support.

Good Tix donates 50% of profits from every sale to a charitable cause of the buyer’s choice. These dual benefits – saving and giving – mean that Good Tix are making an affordable trip to the cinema a reality again, along with generating a significant & positive impact towards some of Australia’s most worthy causes.

Unlike many cinema deals which have exclusions during popular times (for example, Saturday nights), Good Tix e-vouchers can be redeemed for any regular cinema session, on any day, at any time at Event, BCC, Greater Union and select Village Cinemas.

Here’s how Good Tix works:

Instant Delivery: Good Tix e-vouchers are hassle free to purchase and receive. Simply select the number of Good Tix required, choose a cause to support, and click Buy Now. After the purchase is complete, Good Tix e-vouchers are emailed directly to the buyer’s inbox.

Flexible Redemption: Good Tix e-vouchers can be instantly redeemed at the cinema box office via QR code, or alternatively, by entering the voucher code when booking cinema tickets online at or

Inclusive Donation: Good Tix are designed save money and to give back. A donation to the cause of the buyer’s choice is seamlessly integrated into the price of the Good Tix e-voucher. There are no hidden fees, ‘tips’ or surcharges to facilitate the donation.

No Catch – Just Savings and Giving.

Movie-lovers can feel good about saving on their cinema tickets, while also making a generous donation to charity. The more Good Tix e-vouchers a person buys, the more they save. That means more donations going to supporting great causes.

Save, Connect, and Give Back.

The power of Good Tix goes beyond the movie screen – reaching communities and individuals who need support, contributing to vital research and advocacy, and helping to shape a better future. Good Tix proudly supports twenty-one outstanding Australian charities, carefully selected for their quality and effective impact across seven worthy causes. Every Good Tix purchase contributes an equal amount to three charities working towards a given cause. Good Tix is not affiliated with the selected charities, ensuring transparency and impartiality.

A Communal Experience with a Purpose

Good Tix was born out of the belief that a day at the movies can be joyous, and giving a small contribution while relaxing in front of the big screen makes it even better. “Seeing and sharing a powerful story in a theatre is a unique communal experience,” says Amy Tyler, CEO of, the creators of Good Tix. “On top of this, we passionately feel that smaller films deserve an audience just as much as the latest blockbusters.” The Good Tix team hope that by building an e-voucher product that can be used for any regular movie, cinema lovers will be drawn to seeing more films for less – a win for moviegoers, filmmakers and charities alike.

For more information about Good Tix, including full terms and conditions, and to purchase Good Tix e-vouchers, visit

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