Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Represents Youth Charged In Death of Police Sergeant’s Mother

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Represents Youth Charged In Death of Police Sergeant’s Mother

Houston Attorney Cory Roth is currently representing the defendant in a high-profile homicide case. Trenton Bevel, 18, is charged with murder in the death of 75-year-old, Gloria Collins, mother of a Houston police sergeant.

Houston TX: Houston criminal defense lawyer Cory Roth is pleased to announce that he will provide a defense for 18-year-old Trenton Bevel. The high-profile murder case involves Bevel, who is charged with crashing a hijacked automobile into the vehicle of 75-year-old Gloria Collins, who was stopped at a traffic light, killing her. Gloria Collins is the mother of Houston Police Sergeant Collins. The incident is the impetus for changing protocols for the Houston police department. There are local and nationwide calls for immediate local, statewide, and national bans on police pursuits of high-powered street legal race cars such as the 800-horsepower Dodge SRT Hellcat involved in this case.”

According to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, officers tracked and located the car which reportedly had been carjacked earlier. Police attempted to arrest the two suspects seen in the vehicle, but the suspects drove to MLK Boulevard and Van Fleet Street, where the crash occurred.

As a result of the incident, the Houston Police Department now requires supervisors to approve

all pursuits. Under the new policy, Houston police may no longer chase drivers suspected of

Class C offenses have been the leading cause of police pursuits in Houston in the past five years. Attorney Roth says that more action is needed and that more police pursuits must be banned.

Additional details are available at https://attorneyroth.com/ or visit the Cory Roth Law Office Youtube Channel.

“We are calling for bans on chases by police vehicles of the street-legal race vehicles that reach 0-60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds and achieve a top speed of 200 mph.

Defense attorney Cory Roth stated, “This case is going to be about finding the balance between justice and mercy. Mr. Bevel and his family are heartbroken about this tragedy and they are praying for Ms. Collins and all those who loved her, especially her son, Sgt. Collins. My client and his family are determined to turn this terrible tragedy for both families and the Houston community at large into positive change.”

“There are smarter and safer ways to detain suspects,” Roth explained, “when police already believe them to be dangerous and they are driving what are essentially high horsepower roadway rocket ships.”

The law firm provides criminal defense representation in Fort Bend County and Harris County. People facing criminal charges see their reputation, record, and freedom placed on the line. Defendants need an attorney who is invested in them and works hard to make things right. The Cory Roth Law Office understands all the nuances of criminal defense law. The legal team fights doggedly to ensure that any evidence was legally obtained. All options are explored to challenge evidence and demonstrate reasonable doubt for the jury.

There is no criminal charge that places a defendant in more jeopardy than that of murder. In the state of Texas, it can result in the death penalty. Prosecutors often face immense public pressure to get convictions and may be tempted to do whatever it takes to persuade a jury to find defendants guilty. Cory’s job is to question everything everyone says, challenge the government’s story, challenge the law, and tell the client’s story of innocence. He is a client-centered and trial-ready lawyer. Therefore he wants clients who want to take their cases to trial, yet will never tell the client whether to take the case to trial or take a plea deal. As a trial lawyer, he tells the client how he foresees the case playing out. The key to his excellent success rate is that he works harder, longer, and smarter than many other lawyers.

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