Irvine Car Accident Lawyer at Kubota & Craig has a Proven Track Record of Helping Victims Get Top Compensation Results

The acclaimed personal injury law firm of Kubota & Craig has been awarded a National Tier 1 ranking in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms® by Best Lawyers. This top tier National ranking speaks to the track record of top results this Irvine car accident attorney has achieved for plaintiff clients in personal injury litigation. 

Irvine, CA: According to announcements released by Kubota & Craig, the Irvine car accident lawyer at this law firm has a reputation for negotiating firmly with insurance companies on behalf of clients to obtain the maximum possible compensation for injuries.

Whether one resides in Irvine or the surrounding areas of Orange County, seeking the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney law firm in Irvine can prove essential following a car accident, mainly when dealing with injury claims.

Kubota & Craig understands that car accidents are a common occurrence in Southern California, with some resulting in minor damages while others lead to substantial medical expenses, physical harm, or even death. The law firm asserts that if an individual has been involved in a major car accident, enlisting the help of a lawyer can enable them to pursue compensation for their losses.

By securing the services of an experienced Irvine car accident attorney from this law firm, individuals can seek compensation for various financial losses, such as lost wages, medical bills, and expenses incurred for repairing their vehicle. In the case of a wrongful death claim, it may also be possible to recover losses if a loved one has tragically lost their life. With the guidance of a qualified lawyer, individuals can determine the most suitable course of action for their specific circumstances.

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Many scenarios indicate the benefits of consulting a car accident attorney in Irvine. Individuals who find themselves needing clarification about whether they have a valid claim or not would greatly benefit from seeking professional advice. If the liability in their case is unclear or contested, involving an attorney becomes paramount. If an adjuster requests access to medical records predating the accident or if a claim for lost wages is challenging to substantiate – particularly for those employed in industries with fluctuating income – it is advisable to seek legal support.

The involvement of multiple parties contributing to liability, the lack of knowledge in negotiating a fair settlement, or receiving an undeservedly low offer from an adjuster are further indications that the counsel of a car accident attorney is required.

The most recent recognition earned by Kubota & Craig is the acknowledgment in the latest edition of Best Law Firms®, as evaluated by Best Lawyers®. The firm has been granted a distinguished National Tier 1 ranking for its expertise in Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs. This impressive accolade showcases the firm’s exceptional reputation and proficiency in Irvine personal injury law. Inclusion in the esteemed Best Law Firms® list underscores Kubota & Craig’s unwavering dedication to legal excellence, garnering for them consistently impressive ratings from clients and peers. Significantly, this recognition stems from reviews provided by industry peers; it reflects the goodwill and trust they hold for the firm.

George Cohaff of Kubota & Craig said, “Kubota & Craig are two of the industry’s most accomplished personal injury attorneys. Both Yoshi Kubota and Cynthia Craig have decades of successful experience in the industry and have served in top leadership positions in the industry.

Yoshi Kubota has served as the President of the distinguished Orange County ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocates) board, and Cynthia Craig has served as the President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA). There are many law firms that merely advertise services and then hand off those case leads to actual trial attorneys that can take them to trial. Kubota & Craig are the real deal. Veteran trial attorneys with years of experience in litigating cases for their clients.”

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