Kelowna Traffic Control: Flagging Company Intends to Bring Order to Roads with Client-Focused Management Services

Kelowna Traffic Control: Flagging Company Intends to Bring Order to Roads with Client-Focused Management Services

Keloka Traffic Management brings its expertise in scheduled traffic control and emergency services to Okanagan Valley, backed by experts in traffic control and construction industries.

KELOWNA, British Colombia — Situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna has experienced substantial growth in recent years. The surge in population and economic activities has necessitated a sophisticated traffic management system to ensure smooth vehicular flow and enhance overall safety.

Keloka Traffic Management has emerged as a new key player, employing cutting-edge technology and expert personnel to address the evolving needs of the city’s dynamic traffic environment, with a focus on municipalities in the Okanagan Valley as well as road construction and commercial construction contractors operating in the Okanagan Valley.

At the core of Keloka Traffic Management is its client-first approach to service. Despite being new to the scene, the company plays a pivotal role in enabling the Kelowna traffic control system. As a traffic control company, Keloka Traffic Management offers a wide array of traffic control services, such as traffic control personnel (TCP), traffic control setup, equipment rentals, flagging services, truck-mounted impact attenuation (TMA), emergency service, and more.

Comprising a team of highly experienced people from British Colombia’s traffic control and construction industries, Keloka will be offering scheduled traffic control services as well as emergency services—elements that have been lacking throughout the traffic control industry throughout the Okanagan Valley and what Keloka aims to remedy.

Aiming to become among the leading flagging companies in British Colombia, Keloka offers traffic management consultations and a wide range of traffic control equipment to help municipalities and commercial contractors manage traffic flow for the safety of road users and workers.

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Uncontrolled traffic along municipal roads can lead to congestion, delays, and traffic accidents. In many cases, temporary measures like the use of traffic control devices are essential, and this is where flagging companies come to the fore, with TCPs manning roads with changing traffic patterns or controlling a temporary traffic situation.

Portable traffic signals can be easily set up to control traffic flow at intersections. Barricades can be used where entire sections of a road need to be blocked off. While TMAs, speed bumps, and traffic cones can be quickly set up to delineate areas of the road, such as work zones, where drivers should proceed with caution.

Keloka also supplies warning lights to increase visibility and draw attention to temporary traffic control devices. Electronic signs like arrow boards and Variable message signs (VMS) can be implemented to display information about traffic conditions or provide instructions to drivers.

Alternatively, automated flagging devices (AFAD) can play an effective role in traffic control, automating the task of flagging traffic through a work zone or other area of temporary traffic control. AFADs are controlled from a central location by a single traffic control person. AFADs typically consist of a small, portable device that is used to control traffic flow. The operator can programme the AFAD to display a series of lights that indicate when to stop, proceed with caution, or slow down.

Because the AFAD is typically operated by a single person from a safe distance, the use of an AFAD can help improve the safety of work zones by reducing the need for manual flagging, which can be hazardous for workers and drivers alike.

With on-call, 24-hour support available, Keloka is able to rapidly respond to emergent traffic management situations and collaborate closely with emergency services, including the police and fire departments.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on efficiency, Keloka Traffic Management aims to play a significant role in enhancing traffic control in Kelowna, becoming a cornerstone in the region’s traffic management infrastructure, maintaining order and safety on the city’s roadways.

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