Modern Office Design: Conexus Studio Drives Innovative Design to Meet the Evolving Needs of Today’s Business

Modern Office Design: Conexus Studio Drives Innovative Design to Meet the Evolving Needs of Today’s Business

Award-winning interior design firm Conexus Studio presents their new office which embodies the studio’s core philosophy, “Designed to Connect”.

Singapore — Established in March 2019, Conexus Studio drives a modern office design philosophy characterised by a harmonious fusion of form and function. The objective of every project is to craft innovative workspace designs that are tailored to the unique needs and identity of each client, elevating user experience and driving business goals.

As a boutique design and build company specialising in workplace design, Conexus Studio believes in leveraging the power of spatial design to empower people to do their best work. Through thoughtful and inspiring office spaces, the studio brings together communities, aspirations, and capabilities of the workforce. It advocates for agile workspace designs that create a productive environment conducive to teamwork and the creative process of generating new ideas.

The firm’s projects have received recognition for its human-centric designs that spark connection and collaboration between its users. Since its establishment, the firm has steadily risen to prominence as an award-winning interior design firm. It has been recognised with 28 awards, including Singapore’s SG Mark, Design Excellence Awards, and the Asia Pacific International Property Awards for clients such as BBC Studios, Decathlon, Hegen and JobStreet

New Office, New Opportunities

This paradigm is well-illustrated in Conexus Studio’s new premise, which has expanded from 2,766 to 7,320 square feet. Staying true to its ethos, ‘Designed to Connect’, the office is a community hub for its staff, clients and partners. Contrary to the norm, half of the office is dedicated to communal and social spaces, allowing the firm to host industry-relevant events, workshops and discussions of varying scales.

Conexus Studio’s agile workspace caters to a hybrid work model with state-of-the-art technology incorporated in communal areas and focus-work setups. This creates a comfortable office environment further enhanced with multi-sensory touches like flowers, curated scents, background music, and more. Its flexible breakout cafe is an inclusive space with cosy booths and high bar counters for work and social interactions. It proudly displays a communal table custom-designed with mosaics spelling out ‘Let’s go APOC’—the acronym for ‘Awesome People of Conexus’.

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Conexus Studio’s commitment to sustainability is represented by its strict compliance with the energy-efficient standards of MTower’s Green Mark Gold Plus certification. The office is designed with a biophilic theme and sports a lush 3D wallpaper mural and nature-inspired design elements. The pervasive use of technology is evident throughout the workspace, with a livestream-enabled town hall, meeting rooms with advanced video conferencing capabilities, a collaboration space with switchable privacy glass and a facial recognition-equipped locker system.

‘Our new office is a tangible representation of our passion for revolutionising workplace design,’ said Aviruth Trungtreechart, Co-Founder and Design Director. ‘With this new office space, we hope to inspire our clients and industry peers to reimagine the possibilities of workplace design.’

Embracing the Future of Work

Today’s dynamic workforce craves environments that nurture professional growth and personal well-being. Modern workplace design isn’t about applying superficial aesthetics while keeping the office space relevant but making it a joyful hub of productivity and a magnet for top talents.

According to Brendan Khor, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Conexus Studio, what sets Conexus Studio apart is its team of designers with a flair for knowing what works for their clients. With transparent communications, adaptability to change and a design approach rooted in a deep understanding of the local context, the firm is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions with a distinct emphasis on value.

‘As traditional work structures continue to evolve and hybrid models become more prevalent, our new office space represents our commitment to both our employees and clients, promoting synergistic teamwork which is key to innovation and success in today’s ever-changing landscape,’ said Khor. ‘We firmly believe that by providing a dynamic and interactive workspace, we can continue to drive growth, nurture creativity, and enhance connectivity within our team and with our partners.’

With extensive experience in multiple sectors and a proven track record across multinational companies, Conexus Studio stands as a stalwart in Singapore’s interior design scene, leaving an indelible mark on the city-state’s commercial and office landscape. The studio continues to redefine the possibilities of architectural excellence with a design ethos that seamlessly integrates innovation, form and function. As Singapore evolves, Conexus Studio is shaping the modern office space, contributing to the growth of a vibrant workforce that has become synonymous with the city’s legacy.

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