Naples Health and Wellness Clinic Now Offers Iridology Online or In-Person

Located in Naples, Florida, Sayanah Wellness Center specializes in Iridology, health coaching, plant-based nutrition, BrainTap®, stress management, and natural supplements. The clinic also offers online consultations, Reiki sessions, mindfulness workshops, and health and wellness retreats.

Naples, FL: Sayanah Janell of Sayanah Wellness is pleased to announce that the Naples health and wellness clinic now offers Iridology consultations at the clinic or in a Zoom session. Sayanah Wellness is an integrative holistic wellness and health center addressing various health issues through bespoke programs, natural herbal supplements, and cutting-edge technology.

The program aims to help restore the mind and body to optimal health. Under the leadership of Sayanah Janell, PhD, the dedicated and professional wellness experts explore the root causes of any imbalances and address them with personalized methods to create sustainable habits that align with the client’s needs and lifestyles.

Iridology is a scientific, holistic analysis based on the patterns that form on the eye’s iris that can assist in determining physical ailments that may be present in the body due to any disease, illness, or injury. The complex iris comprises numerous nerve endings connected by impulses to every part of the body through the brain and nervous system.

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An iridologist uses data collected to assess a person’s constitution better. A complete iris analysis will show whether a person has a generally good constitution or a poor one due to the density of the iris fibers. The Iridologist takes a picture of the eyes using a specialized camera that enlarges the image and details of the iris for analysis. An accurate iris analysis is completed by superimposing the chart over an iris image projection, permitting detailed observation of the reliable data recorded there. SW uses only computerized iridology for scientific accuracy.

The Iridologist asks for a clear photo of the eye submitted via email at least 72 hours in advance. This image gives the Iridologist enough time to check the quality of the images and accurately assess the data. The online consultation will take place via Google Meet (or Zoom if preferred), and the client will receive a link for the consultation 12-24 hours in advance.

Sayanah Janell said in a recent interview, “Whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress, boost energy, and improve overall; or you have a major ailment, we can help you achieve healthy lifestyle changes. Using techniques such as Iridology, Natural Medicine, Reiki, BrainTap, and Nutritional Planning, we design a bespoke program just for you and create recommendations to fit your specific situation. Our health coaching programs will help you develop a good understanding of your nutritional needs, reclaim confidence, and live the fit and healthy life you want. With our very accessible online sessions, you can easily schedule introduction sessions and follow-up consultations to keep you on track no matter how fast or slow your current lifestyle may be.”

In addition to Iridology consultations, Sayanah provides Visionary Board Workshops, Reiki Workshops, or Health and Wellness retreats where she helps clients address the mind and all the stresses, hang-ups, anchors, and unhealthy thoughts that prevent them from living the life they have always wanted.

The clinic prides itself on not offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the professionals at Sayanah Wellness Center craft a personalized approach for each client, making them feel valued and understood. They develop and propose strategies to create sustainable habits, but it doesn’t stop there. They ensure these habits are beneficial and align with the client’s unique needs and lifestyle. This way, clients are not forced into a routine that doesn’t suit them, but rather, a wellness plan that is as unique as they are, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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