Oi Marketing, a BC-Based Digital Agency, Announced as an Approved Advisor for the Canadian Digital Adoption Grant (CDAP)

Oi Marketing, a BC-Based Digital Agency, Announced as an Approved Advisor for the Canadian Digital Adoption Grant (CDAP)

SURREY, BC – Oi Marketing, a leader in local SEO and web design, proudly announces its status as an approved advisor for the Canadian Digital Adoption Grant (CDAP). This recognition enables the marketing agency to offer specialized digital planning services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Canada, particularly focusing on nearby in the Surrey and Metro Vancouver areas, but are open to expanding anywhere nationally.

The CDAP program is a pivotal initiative for Canadian businesses, aiming to facilitate their digital transition. It offers significant financial support, covering up to 90% of the costs for developing a Digital Adoption Plan, up to $15,000. Oi Marketing steps into this program with a commitment to writing comprehensive digital adoption plans and reports, guiding Canadian businesses through their digital transformation journey.

Kyle Sanker, owner of Oi Marketing, shares his vision: “As CDAP advisors, our role is to empower businesses with actionable digital strategies. We focus on creating detailed digital adoption plans and insightful reports, paving the way for our clients to enhance their digital presence effectively. Our expertise in local SEO and web design plays a crucial role in these plans, ensuring that businesses can maximize their digital potential.”

The CDAP initiative involves a structured process, starting with a Digital Needs Assessment. Oi Marketing’s role in this process includes:

Digital Needs Assessment Review: Analyzing businesses’ current digital status to identify key areas for enhancement.

Digital Adoption Plan Creation: Crafting a tailored digital adoption plan that aligns with each business’s unique goals and digital landscape.

Comprehensive Reporting: Providing businesses with detailed reports that outline a clear path for digital growth and strategy implementation.

“Through our services, we aim to demystify the digital transformation process for Canadian SMEs,” added Sanker. “While we don’t implement the strategies, our comprehensive plans and reports equip businesses with the knowledge and direction needed to navigate the digital world confidently.”

Businesses eligible for the CDAP can now benefit from Oi Marketing’s specialized services, which include running strategic local SEO plans, designing innovative websites, Google Ads and now, creating thorough digital adoption reports.

For more details on Oi Marketing’s CDAP advisory services or to start the application process, please visit https://oimarketing.ca/news/get-the-15000-canadian-digital-adoption-cdap-grant/.

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