Palmetto Energy Solutions Enters South Carolina’s Residential Solar Market And Expands into the EV Charging Market

Palmetto Energy Solutions Enters South Carolina’s Residential Solar Market And Expands into the EV Charging Market

Columbia, South Carolina Palmetto Energy Solutions, a Columbia-based solar energy company, is making significant growth in South Carolina’s residential solar and electric vehicle charging market.

The company’s goal is to increase household and community access to solar electricity and EV charging at low prices while putting the needs of its customers first.

Committed to empowering South Carolina families and communities with affordable, renewable energy and sustainable transportation options, Palmetto Energy Solutions believes in reducing environmental impact and utility bills for everyone.

Ranked 14th in the third quarter of 2023, South Carolina’s total investment in solar reached $3.1 billion, with 303,865 residential solar installations done during that time.

Statistics have also shown that owners in South Carolina are paying more than $140, more than any other state’s homeowners do. Which encourages homeowners to depend more on solar as a noncombustible renewable energy source.

By switching to solar, customers can save up to 26% on their electricity bills every year. To promote the idea of going solar, the company’s residential solar program provides homeowners with high-quality solar panel systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional residential solar providers.

With Palmetto Energy Solutions’ mission to contribute to the state’s transition to a greener economy, comes their recognition of the urgency of transitioning to sustainable energy sources to ensure clients receive the best solar solutions.

Their team of solar experts conducts thorough energy assessments, designing and implementing tailored solar systems for each client’s unique requirements.

From residential rooftops to expansive commercial complexes and EV charging installations, the company prioritizes maximum efficiency and maximum energy savings.

With a focus on innovation, Palmetto Energy Solutions maintains its leadership position in the sector by continuously discovering and using the most recent developments in solar technology.

Through workshops, seminars, and informative resources, the company seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of solar energy and inspire more individuals and businesses to adopt sustainable practices.

As Palmetto Energy Solutions leads the charge towards a greener tomorrow, they invite individuals and businesses to join them on the journey towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

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