Professional and Effective Fresno Pest Control and Termite Treatment by EagleShield for Homes and Businesses in California

EagleShield Pest Control has more than two decades of experience in the pest control industry. It serves Fresno and its surrounding areas and has earned a reputation for outstanding results and professionalism.

According to announcements released by EagleShield Pest Control and Jonathan Kendrick, this Fresno pest control and termite treatment service helps property owners prevent disease, illnesses, and structural damage from bugs and insects can cause.

Preventative pest control saves homeowners from expensive repairs. Businesses that enter into pest control maintenance contracts do not have to worry about files, cabinets, data, drywall, and furniture being chewed to dust.

Pests multiply fast, appear creepy, freak people out, launch into the air unexpectedly, and, worse,y carry disease. Pests are a threat to the health of the residents of any premise. EagleShield customizes its treatment plans to counter the extent of the infestation, the most suitable time for the pest control job and will also educate the client on the dos and don’ts of housekeeping and sanitation to keep pests away.

Experts from EagleShield exterminate termites using chemical pesticides formulated to eliminate these pests of the dry wood or subterranean variety. EagleShield Pest Control recommends liquid termiticides as a long-term solution. The team from this pest control services provider in Fresno uses multiple measures to target the different species present in the soil or wood.

California law requires that pest management firms perform termite treatment jobs only after the customer has been provided with a written report of a complete or limited termite inspection. EagleShield can begin the job swiftly after offering a competitive quote and then conducting the inspection.

The type of protection required by commercial premises varies with the work done. EagleShield Pest Control has the expertise and insight to help medical facilities, hotels, retail chains, cold storage, schools, government offices, and other establishments get rid of pests.

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Jonathan Kendrick of EagleShield Pest Control said, “Pests and critters can cause costly repairs to your property, so it’s best to take preventative measures as soon as possible. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive service to homes and businesses throughout California, saving Californians time and money. We offer extermination and control services for the many pests that plague our fellow Californians. In addition to offering you comprehensive one-time treatments, we also offer scheduled preventative treatments to ensure that you don’t have to deal with pests ever again.

Having a pest-free environment is critical to the success of any business. Our specialty is in helping businesses of any industry keep a pest-free environment for their customers and clients. We are committed to providing all of our clients with superior results and complete satisfaction. We design each treatment to be a balance of effectiveness and “greenness.” We strive to uphold sustainable practices while also providing excellent results for you.

In the foodservice industry, sanitation is a top priority. EagleShield Pest Control will help you exceed sanitation standards by ensuring that your premises are bug-free. Our field representatives will identify possible points of entry and eliminate the targeted pest using a customized solution.

EagleShield helps you improve your company’s sanitation level and eliminate costly audit-related or health and safety expenses with our integrated pest management solution. We deal with cockroaches, flies, birds, and more! No matter what kind of pest you have, EagleShield guarantees total control.”

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EagleShield Pest Control has more than 20 years of experience treating commercial and residential premises to rid these dangerous and harmful pests. Customers can avail of a quote within 24 hours. The technicians from this business are experienced and helpful.

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