Raised Garden Bed Designs Reduce Intensive Landscape and Garden Preparation

Frame It All is a series of easy-to-construct beds for gardens, as well as landscape edging. The kits can be configured in various ways to make designing garden beds attractive and straightforward.

Frame It All is pleased to announce that their raised garden bed kits are designed to design and set up garden and landscape edgings, planters, and water features in the city or suburban locations. The starter kits consist of tool-free snap-lock joints and four insulating open-channel boards. The boards trap air and provide insulating help for the soil by keeping it warmer in the fall and spring and cooler in the summer. The insulation allows for a longer growing season and thus more produce or flowers. A Basic Kit allows for sixteen square feet of available planting area and is a nice-sized starter garden.

Expansion of the size of the bed is easy. Additional Frame It All Kits can be stacked or extended on the same level. The brackets pivot up to 270 degrees which allows for endless design options. Decorative designs can be useful for growing herbs, salad plants, or flowers. Fresh garden produce can provide salad materials through most of the growing season in the customer’s locale.

Additional details can be seen at https://frameitall.com/

Combining a Frame It All kit with the concepts identified in Square Foot Gardening ensures great results with a variety of plants available. Accessories for the garden bed frame can include a Worm Box to create compost from grass clippings, vegetable trimmings and even old newspapers. Because the beds are a relatively small area, it takes a lot less work to maintain them in good shape. Less water is required to meet watering requirements

Designer Anthony Topping created the system of modular raised beds, sandboxes, borders and accessories. He is a professional landscape designer who wanted to help homeowners create quality gardens, and landscaping features less cost than paying for a professional. It is possible to start small and add more kits as the customer’s knowledge of and interest in gardening increases.

About the Company:

Frame It All is a system of raised garden beds, landscape edging, and other features related to gardening. The work of a garden is extensive when it is done traditionally. Raised gardens are much easier to maintain.

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