Rapco Industries Develops New Terminator Chain Option for Battery-Powered Chainsaws Used by Firefighters

Rapco Industries Develops New Terminator Chain Option for Battery-Powered Chainsaws Used by Firefighters

Rapco Industries is introducing a new Terminator chain specifically tailored for fire departments and others using battery-powered chainsaws.

Vancouver, WA: Rapco Industries is pleased to introduce a new Terminator chain designed specifically for battery-powered chainsaws that is tailored to fire department requirements. Firefighters worldwide have been using the terminator chain for over 30 years. The new product is ideal for lighter duty roof ventilation and demolition tasks. Battery operated chainsaws are safer for indoor use as they eliminate carbon monoxide fumes. They offer greater maneuverability with a smaller, lighter, and quieter design than gas-powered saws. The new design is beneficial for large rigs as well as smaller rigs such as squads, brush trucks, and medic units.

The Terminator chainsaw chain has been developed for battery-powered chainsaws. The new Terminator design is available in .375 low profile, 050 gauge, and requires a 50-gauge bar available through Rapco and other retailers. Embracing the shift towards battery-operated chainsaws, Rapco has developed this new chain to meet the evolving needs of firefighters and others that require this type of specific tool.

Rapco’s newest entry into the chainsaw chain designs  marketplace features a carbide-tipped saw chain, which is considered by firefighters to be one of the most durable chainsaw chain options available. When firefighters need efficient ventilation cuts through a building roof, the firefighter chainsaw chain of choice around the globe is the Terminator chain available through Rapco Industries. More and more firefighter departments worldwide choose Terminator as the Best chainsaw chain. Rapco’s demolition chainsaw chain outlasts and out-cuts other chains, saving time, lives, and property.

Rapco Industries designed and engineered Terminator specifically for the extremely difficult and

demanding conditions encountered by firefighters. By working closely with fire departments and fire safety experts worldwide, Rapco is continually developing leading-edge solutions. Both the new and original carbide-tipped saw chain is three times stronger than a standard carbide chain. The chain stays sharp as much as 15 times longer than regular saw chains. The carbide tips make the Terminator chain ideal for demolition chainsaws.

Planet Earth’s warming temperatures mean that fires burn hotter and more quickly. Many home or business products are made of more combustible materials than in past decades. Rapco has been an industry leader for more than three decades. When roof access is needed in a house fire, fast ventilation is critical to shut down the fire’s progress more quickly and effectively than any other chain.

Rapco’s Terminator is extraordinarily tough and efficient and has been the premier choice of firefighters for over three decades. Professional firefighters around the globe rely on the Terminator because it outperforms and over-delivers. There are many innovative features in Rapco’s Terminator saw chain, which is very reliable, rugged, and efficient.

Battery-operated chain saws have several features, making them a good choice for specific fire scenarios. They do not require the weight of gasoline to operate, so they are less tiring to carry and use. Extra ventilation is not needed for safe breathing. Sharpening the chain is easy with a diamond wheel. The chain is manufactured to fit the customer’s saw and precise specifications.

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