RedFynn Technologies and SwipeSimple: Streamlining POS Integration for ISO and Agent Partners

Tempe, AZ: RedFynn Technologies, led by Adam Urbanski, Head of Project Strategy, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with SwipeSimple. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing the POS experience, focusing on providing our ISO and agent partners in our merchant services agent program with a robust, efficient, and easy-to-deploy Point of Sale (POS) system.

Seamless Integration with a Personal Touch

At the heart of our partnership is a commitment to a white-glove onboarding process. RedFynn takes charge of every step, from the merchant application to the first transaction, ensuring a smooth and successful integration. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and configuration of the SwipeSimple system, guaranteeing that our partners and their clients can utilize the full potential of this advanced POS solution.

A Tailored Approach to POS Solutions

We’ve developed a unique hardware package that integrates seamlessly with the SwipeSimple system. This approach is designed to meet the specific needs of our ISO and agent partners in our ISO agent program, providing a solution that is not just efficient but also highly adaptable to various business models.

Navigating the Evolving Payment Landscape

In today’s fast-paced payment industry, staying ahead is crucial. RedFynn is dedicated to guiding our partners through the industry’s complexities, leveraging our expertise in the ISO agent program to ensure their success in a competitive market.

Advantages for Our Partners

Our partnership with SwipeSimple offers significant benefits:

– Enhanced earning potential through our value-added services.

– Lifetime and timely residual payments.

– Access to same-day funding for improved cash flow.

– Customized solutions for high-risk merchants.

– Dedicated account management for personalized support.

– Efficient POS sales processes with daily bonuses.

Adam Urbanski on the Partnership

“Our collaboration with SwipeSimple is a significant milestone,” Adam Urbanski states. “It allows us to offer our ISO and agent partners a POS solution that is extremely user-friendly and tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Our white-glove onboarding process ensures a seamless transition for every client.”

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