Samuel Armes: Open Source Strategist and Crypto Guru Envisions Florida as a Haven for Blockchain Innovation

Samuel Armes: Open Source Strategist and Crypto Guru Envisions Florida as a Haven for Blockchain Innovation

Samuel Armes, the founder of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, shares his views on blockchain innovation and the future of cryptocurrencies.

St. Petersburg, Florida — Samuel Armes inspires many investors in the blockchain community, particularly in Florida and the United States. His tireless efforts in advocacy, education, and legislative engagement have propelled the adoption of blockchain technology and positioned Florida as a leading hub for blockchain innovation.

Notably, Armes combines his political acumen and deep understanding of blockchain to offer insights at a strategic level, paving the way for his involvement in blockchain and bitcoin research for the United States Special Operations Command, the Department of State, and the Florida government.

An ardent follower of politics and a visionary without peers, Armes is quick to see potential and opportunity in times of change and articulates his vision effectively. His passion for political strategy has manifested in the volumes of articles on scenarios and game theories he meticulously documents as he keeps a close eye on developing news and events.

Today, he spearheads the Florida Blockchain Business Association, the leading organization propelling crypto/web3 forward in Florida, and continues to lend his strategic expertise to initiatives on a national and international level.

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Samuel Armes understands the immense potential of blockchain and how Florida can leverage its position as a hotbed for transportation, healthcare, and ocean technology innovation to become a model that other states and nations aspire to replicate.

“We’re in the midst of tumultuous times, with seismic shifts heralding significant change in America and the world at large. I believe we’re at the brink of either a collapse or a Renaissance and it’s our duty to ensure the latter. My goal is to establish Florida as a beacon of this Renaissance—using it as a model for technological enlightenment and rejuvenation,” said Armes.

According to Armes, crypto, blockchain, and Bitcoin are game-changing technologies that will significantly alter humanity’s trajectory. They offer unprecedented decentralization, fostering freedom of thought, science, politics, and strategy. He views crypto as the key to a future of exciting technology for Florida and beyond.

In his article, Vision for Florida, he quoted: “In our global community, people have sought out and found safe havens, spaces where critical thinking, truth, beauty, and goodness is the norm. Florida has become one of these powerful sanctuaries. As a standalone entity, Florida could easily rank among the G20 nations, a testament to its immense capability and potential.

“Technology in Florida has blossomed beyond just blockchain. This is a place that has become a hotbed for innovation in transportation, healthcare, and ocean technology. It has solidified its role as humanity’s gateway to the cosmos, promoting space exploration and pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the universe. Floridians, whether they’re grounded on land, navigating the ocean, or gazing up at the sky and beyond into space, have embraced their roles as dreamers and pioneers.”

Always keen to disseminate and share knowledge, Armes is open to opportunities to appear on TV news programs and podcasts, believing these platforms are essential in fostering meaningful dialogue and disseminating critical insights on topics such as politics, strategy, technology, and community building that are inspiring and thought-provoking.

Samuel Armes has a deep passion for making the world a better place and believes it starts with focusing on individuals—nurturing their sense of purpose and creating a healthy environment for them to thrive. He finds inspiration from various historical and biblical stories that offer valuable lessons for everyone, inspiring others by example and showing people what can be achieved with passion and commitment.

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