Snap Shades Custom Fitted Front Windscreen Sun Shades Blocks The Blazing Sun Effectively

With the rising temperatures, finding an affordable solution to combat the heat and harmful UV rays is at the top of the list. Snap Shades® car sun shades are on the front line of UV protection and keep users safe from the dangers of the sun

Silverwater, Sydney, NSW- Whether you’re at work or out shopping, returning to a sweltering hot car is always an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, Australian company Snap Shades has created a solution. Their new custom front windscreen sun shades help to reduce the heat in parked cars, whilst their rear window snap shades offer on-the-go protection from harmful UV rays.

Finding something affordable that also protects a vehicle and keeps a family safe from harmful UV rays without sacrificing style or build quality is the reason Snap Shades was created. 

Snap Shades is a 100% Australian-owned business that keeps family and safety in mind. Their new custom front windscreen sun shade is made with a reflective layer that will face the outside, while a soft felt backing will face the inner side. It also features a triple laminate construction with a foam core centre that acts as an insulator.

Custom fitted front windscreen sun shades

Snap Shades custom fitted front windscreen sun shades have been shown to reduce the overall interior temperature by up to 15 ℃. At the same time, it also has been shown to reduce the interior surface temperature by up to 45 ℃. Installation is quick and easy as it requires no additional hardware other than what the vehicle already has to offer, its sun visors. 

By utilising the sun visors to hold the sunshade in place, there is enough room to fit around the rear vision mirror. Since Snap Shades windscreen sun shade does not have to fit snugly against the glass, it also allows room for E-Toll tags and small dash cameras.  Then, when storing the windscreen sun shade, just follow the unique folding pattern and place the sun shade in its storage bag for easy keeping.

Snap Shades has an extensive range of affordable custom car window shades available for more than 1,600 different vehicles, all custom measured. These sunshades have a flexible, lightweight metal design that allows for quick storage when not in use. This business’s designated team of local shade experts is a unique feature of this business. This team is entrusted with installing the sunshades and answering any questions that might arise. 

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With their patented magnetic clip technology, installation is a quick and easy feat with no mess or the use of clips. These sunshades provide 100% rear window coverage, leaving no room for gaps to let in harmful UVA and UVB rays. These sunshades are made from the best quality material, handmade custom to fit a vehicle’s specifications with a guaranteed perfect fit. The unidirectional cross mesh design is made with cutting-edge technology that reduces UVA and UVB rays by up to 84%, according to ARPANSA. 

Since Snap Shades are installed in the interior of the vehicle, they are not prone to stretching, flapping, or fading, leaving you with a stylish and perfect-fitting sun shade.

Snap Shades was created from the idea that you can have style, quality, and safety all in one. With their new custom front windscreen sunshade’s ability to reduce the temperature in a parked vehicle and the triple laminate construction with the foam core centre that acts as an insulator, Snap Shades is determined to offer the best in-car shading solutions.

About the Company:

Snap Shades is a 100% Australian-owned business that customises innovative UV protection products. Their innovative design style has created stylish and perfect-fitting sunshades and windscreen shades. Snap Shades® are available for over 1,600 different car models and can be custom-made for any vehicle. Snap Shades®—easy to install without clips or mess.

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