Sofa Cleaning Singapore: Cleaning Company Makes Professional Cleaning Services Accessible to Homeowners

DW Cleaning Group Singapore, a leading provider of premium cleaning solutions, announces the expansion of its cleaning services in Singapore.

Singapore — In its continuous effort to meet the diverse needs of clients, a leading provider of premium cleaning solutions in Singapore, DW Cleaning Group Singapore is thrilled to announce the addition of sofa deep cleaning service to their established network of cleaning services – DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore.

The introduction of the company’s cleaning services Singapore meets the growing market demand for premium sofa and upholstery care, underscoring the group’s commitment to meeting its customers’ home needs and enhancing customer satisfaction through its expanded portfolio of cleaning services.

Fast becoming a household name, DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore offers solutions for all sofa cleaning needs in the city with professional and reliable services that include sofa deep cleaning, sofa stain removal, sofa steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. With a mission to better serve customers with their sofa-cleaning needs, DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore is well supported by a team of knowledgeable customer support staff, providing honest and affordable sofa-cleaning prices in Singapore.

While most other services only use a water extraction process, DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore carries out a 5-step sofa cleaning process. The company’s professional sofa cleaning specialists have the experience and expertise to ensure long-lasting results using proven methodologies and safe products.

The process begins with deep vacuuming to remove dust and dirt, mites, and other microscopic particles, preparing a dust-free surface for the next step. Shampooing is then applied by the crew to thoroughly remove microbes that cause odours – leaving the sofa soft and fresh-smelling, creating an environment that inhibits bacteria proliferation.

The scrubbing process focuses on areas of the sofa that contain stains. Their cleaning specialists use soft tip power brushing to break and lift stains off the sofa’s surface. This is followed by a 170°C steam cleaning process under 8 bars of pressure, effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria. Built-in UV LED sterilisers thoroughly filter the exhaust air from the steam cleaner and release it as pure, clean air back into the environment. Finally, the cleaning specialists will perform a hot-water deep extraction to remove any remaining dead skin, micro-particles, and excess water, leaving the sofa refreshingly clean and as good as new.

This 5-step process is HACCP Certified and complies with recommended professional cleaning protocols to meet environmental standards. It has many related benefits and leaves no chemical residue that can cause skin irritation. It is safe for sensitive skin, babies, children, and pets. With an impressive 93% less water usage than conventional cleaning, the system significantly reduces the environmental impact.

As a new addition to the DW Cleaning Group, DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore is already a trusted name in the industry offering reliable, prompt, and professional sofa cleaning services to homes across the island. With its focus on service excellence and affordable pricing, the company makes professional sofa cleaning accessible to all Singaporeans.

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