Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions Showcases Innovative Offerings in Mental Health Care with the Launch of New Website

Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions Showcases Innovative Offerings in Mental Health Care with the Launch of New Website

Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions is a multidisciplinary behavioural health care practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia — A leader in innovative mental health care, Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions proudly announces the launch of its revamped website, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to providing accessible and personalized mental health support.

The new website offers visitors an intuitive and easy-to-navigate layout with services, FAQs, and appointment scheduling easily accessible, reflecting the client-centred approach patients have come to expect from the centre. The mental health landscape is evolving rapidly, and Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions is at the forefront of this transformation, integrating technology with compassion to enhance the overall experience. Its services cater to individuals, families, and adolescents/children therapy treatments to address unique concerns in personal and professional life.

With a deep understanding of the diverse needs of individuals facing mental health challenges, Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services, including mental health therapy, occupational therapy, assessments, and treatment counselling, and more to support people suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, PTSD, self-esteem and relationship challenges.

For more information, visit https://spectrumtherapeuticsolutions.ca

Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions was founded by Felicia Burchell in 1989 as an occupational therapist before expanding to include therapeutic counselling in 2005. With a Bachelor of Science in occupational therapy, a Master of Education (counselling) from Acadia University, and over 34 years of experience under her belt, Burchell combines compassion with her deep passion for human connection in her approach to helping clients heal, ably supported by a highly skilled team of professionals who share her dedication to helping people overcome mental health issues and be their best selves.

Giving wings to her philanthropic tendencies, Burchell has now launched a non-profit, Safe Shores Counselling Society, based on the principles of Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions. This programme provides affordable, specialized therapeutic solutions to individuals with little or no access to mental health care. The program aims to build a comprehensive network of resources in partnership with other organizations and institutions to address the multifaceted nature of mental well-being and physical health across the community.

Through prevention, intervention, education and integrated clinical care, Safe Shores Counselling Society uses a holistic approach to impart learning in addition to therapy, allowing patients to gain a well-rounded understanding of their mental and physical well-being by leveraging Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions’ individual and group programs.

Adapting to the changing landscape, Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions has introduced convenient online therapy programmes as an effective way to help seniors deal with challenges that arise with age. The aim is to facilitate accessing support from the comfort of their homes.

The platform offers a safe and controlled environment where individuals can share their experiences, learn new coping strategies, and harness the power of shared empathy. The option of online therapy is also available for other services.

The clinic’s professionals understand that every individual is unique, and its team of experienced therapists have the skills to put clients at ease as they build an in-depth understanding of the client’s emotional and mental state. After evaluating their specific needs, they customize a plan to address the source of the emotional or mental challenges and nurture the client’s inner strength to face life’s challenges head-on.

Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions believes that regularcounselling sessions can often lead to self-discovery and personal development. The clinic offers therapy and counselling with compassion and proven strategies to help its clients discover a new, happier life.

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