Spring Street Dermatology Introduces Brand-New Sofwave™ Ultrasound Technology for Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

New York, NY — January 4, 2024 — Spring Street Dermatology, a leading dermatology practice in New York City, is thrilled to announce the addition of the cutting-edge ultrasound device Sofwave to its extensive portfolio. This revolutionary treatment redefines skin rejuvenation, offering patients a non-invasive alternative to surgery that enhances their natural beauty.

Sofwave is a state-of-the-art device utilizing proprietary ultrasound technology for skin lifting and tightening. Sapna Palep, MD, founder and medical director of Spring Street Dermatology, expressed her excitement about the new addition: “Sofwave is a game-changer in non-surgical skin tightening. It addresses mild to modest skin laxity with precision, providing patients with a safe and effective alternative to surgery.”

Sofwave stimulates collagen production using Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Array technology. This unique approach delivers heat precisely to the mid-dermis, rejuvenating the skin without affecting the outer layer. Dr. Palep notes, “Sofwave is versatile and can effectively treat a range of concerns, including fine lines, sagging brows, jowling, and neck wrinkles. It’s a safe option for all skin types, offering a convenient and efficient solution for those seeking skin firmness and elasticity.”

Sofwave is now available at Spring Street Dermatology, where a team of board-certified dermatologists ensures personalized care and optimal results. With minimal downtime and visible improvements, these treatments represent the next frontier in advanced skincare.

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