Superwomen In Tech Event Promises To Celebrate Diversity And Foster Next Generation Of Female Talent

  • Source Group International to host SuperWomen in Tech Event
  • Keynote speaker: Women in tech influencer and Engineering Lead at Dojo, Sarah Persov

A celebration of female innovators in the technology sector will take place in London next month to recognise the pivotal role women play in steering the course of the industry.

SuperWomen in Tech will be hosted by international technology recruitment specialist Source Group International (SGI) and will champion women in technology, looking at ways to foster new female talent in the sector.

The event takes place on Thursday 14 March at Shoreditch Exchange. It will bring together professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and innovation within the technology sector.

Keynote speaker Sarah Persov, a passionate advocate for women in tech and engineering lead for Dojo, will share her commitment to inclusivity and her vision for reshaping the tech landscape to create a more diverse and equitable community.

Financial technology provider Flagstone will lead a panel discussion on Empowering Women in STEM, overcoming challenges, mentorship, and the role of women in driving technological innovation.

Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher, of SGI, said: “In creating this event, we were keen to provide a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and celebration, spotlighting the achievements and contributions of women across various tech-related domains.

“We’re very much looking forward to expanding our online network and hearing insight into the future of female talent across tech from our inspirational speakers.”

“This event will welcome a mix of attendees, looking to grow their teams, build on their career, and network with likeminded individuals.”


Event Highlights:

Keynote Addresses: The Keynote for the event is Sarah Persov, Engineering Lead and Women in Tech Activist. Sarah will be delivering an insightful discussion on Female Retention in Tech, and visions for the future of women in tech. Sarah is on a mission to foster a more diverse and equitable tech community.

Panel Discussions: An engaging panel discussion will kick off the event – with a panel from financial technology provider Flagstone. Guests on this panel will discuss Empowering Women in STEM, overcoming challenges, mentorship, and the role of women in driving technological innovation.

The Panel will be composed of:

Ian Pender: Lead Principal Engineer @ Flagstone

Nicole Hardiman: Director of Engineering @ Flagstone

Anita Dreosti : Engineering Manager @ Flagstone

Adi Koblenz: Global People and Talent leader @ Flagstone

Asima Khalid: Engineering Team Lead @ Flagstone

Networking Opportunities: Attendees will have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and creating a supportive community within the tech sector.

Event Details:

Date: 14th March

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Venue: Shoreditch Exchange, Gorsuch Place, E2 8JF


For more information about the event and the SuperWomen in Tech Community, those who are interested can find out more on the Community meet up page  ( SuperWomen in Tech is part of Source Talks Community, an international platform that allows experts to come together, including leading professionals, to discuss the changes and challenges they have encountered in their organisations. With the meetups and media series, the Source Talks team has the goal of building a powerful community of people on the same journey, who want to attain similar goals.

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