Taking Photography to the Next Level: The Studio Takeover Brings A Fresh Perspective to Portrait Studios

Cat Ford-Coates established The Studio Takeover with a clear and resolute mission—to put money into the hands of portrait artists around the world through their businesses.

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina — For photographers who are overworked, underpaid, and desperately seeking a solution for sustainability, The Studio Takeover is reshaping the landscape of contemporary photography. Helmed by Cat Ford-Coates, this avant-garde venture is a boon to portrait artists the world over.

Cat Ford-Coates redefines the image of portrait photography and aims to bring sustainability and profitability to photographers moving into the genre. With the right coaching and education, this genre can be a lucrative business for those just starting or transitioning from other genres.

Like any other art form, photography needs a discerning eye and the courage to push the boundaries of visual storytelling to its very limits. For people in the creative business, having the support of a mentor goes a long way. But finding the right mentor can be the difference between success and abject failure.

“I’m passionate about this venture because I spent years trying to get profitable enough to live my life on my terms. My goal is to help portrait photographers to a place where they aren’t robbing Peter to pay Paul and show them that you can meet your obligations and thrive in your life doing what you love,” said Ford-Coates.

As a mentor, Ford-Coates is always present for her students, passionately supporting them through their learning journey. Through The Studio Takeover’s monthly mentoring program, such as her upcoming “Visual Voice” workshop, she is accessible to respond to questions and engage in deeper conversations. Members get access to a library of material for further study on a wide range of topics, from tactical business, mindset, sales, and revenue generation to lighting, posing, styling, and more.

The Studio Takeover also offers comprehensive standalone courses and bundles to meet the varying needs of its clients, including individualized one-on-one sessions with Ford-Coates herself.

For more information, visit https://www.thestudiotakeover.online/

Cat Ford-Coates is an award-winning Photographer and filmmaker credited with the 2021 Telly Awards and 2021 The Communicator Awards. One of only 12 accredited Fellow Master Photographers with The Portrait Masters worldwide, she specializes in boutique campaign design,  development for entrepreneurs, and Fine Art and Creative Portraiture for individuals and families.

“My favorite moment with portrait clients is when they see the artwork for the first time. They always hold their folio boxes close to the chest and their artwork they cannot help but stand back in awe. It truly is the moment they see themselves as the person they’ve always been meant to be,”  remarked Ford-Coates.

She first discovered her love of Photography at the State College of Florida in southwest Florida and decided to continue her scholastic career in Boston, MA. Her passion has since spawned into a lifelong adoration and inspired her to start businesses in North Carolina and Florida.

Today, Ford-Coates is a speaker and educator, a co-host for The 12 Month Startup on The Portrait System, and has judged for the largest photography print competition in the world with WPPI/EmeraldX. In addition to her local clients, she has photographed clients in Venice, Italy, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, London, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Charleston, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

The works of Ford-Coates have been featured by affiliates for FOX, NBC, & CBS, as well as in Photographic circles with The Portrait Masters, The Obsidian Studios, Savage Universal, Infinite Color Panel, The Color Lab, and Vlada Backdrops (NYC).

Cat Ford-Coates has been filling her studio calendar for over 11 years, and her transformation would not have been possible without her diligent pursuit of mastery through continued education and the love of her craft as a Portrait Photographer. With The Studio Takeover, she aims to share her secret to success and help photographers achieve sustainability and profitability.

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