The Allure of the Siberian Forest Cat: Trusted AZ Cattery Brings a Line of the Majestic Feline Pure-Breeds to the US

The Allure of the Siberian Forest Cat: Trusted AZ Cattery Brings a Line of the Majestic Feline Pure-Breeds to the US

Premium Siberians, a TICA-registered cattery, is proud to offer well-raised, loving, and adaptable Siberian Forest kittens to cat-loving homes.

QUEEN CREEK, Arizona — The Siberian Forest Cat has garnered a dedicated following among feline enthusiasts worldwide. Top cat breeder Premium Siberians now makes these pedigree kittens available in the US.  They offering a variety of hypoallergenic and low-shedding kittens raised to be loving pets.

According to  Zoe Renteria of Premium Siberians, these cats originated from the dense taiga forest of Siberia and boast a unique combination of physical attributes, captivating personalities, and historical significance that contribute to their widespread appeal.

“One of the distinguishing features of cats of this breed is their robust physique, possessing a well-muscled build and strong bones. They also display an impressively thick, luxurious coat adapted to endure the harsh Siberian climate, water-resistant to protect against the frigid temperatures of their native habitat. With their unique thick triple-coat, these cats shed very little, and dense fur contributes to their regal appearance and gives them a striking presence in any setting,” said Renteria.

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This breed’s coat comes in various colors and patterns, adding to its visual appeal. From classic mackerel tabby markings to elegant color-point coat patterns. The Siberian Forest Cats exhibit diverse variations that captivate cat lovers with an appreciation for uniqueness.

The hypoallergenic qualities and stunning coat variations of the Siberian Forest Cats, its robust physique, and superb temperament make them a coveted choice for those seeking a feline companion, especially for cat enthusiasts who dream of sharing their lives with one but suffer from allergies. The key to the Siberian Forest Cat’s hypoallergenic reputation lies in its low production of the Fel d 1 protein, a major allergen responsible for triggering allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Siberian Forest Cats are renowned for their intelligence and have a keen ability to learn from their surroundings. This intelligence, combined with their friendly disposition, makes them well-suited for various households, including those with children and other pets.

As a trusted and TICA-registered cattery in the Southwestern United States, Premium Siberians  is renowned for raising loving Siberian Forest Cats adapted to be flexible for many lifestyles such as  high-density neighborhoods and condos. This breeder has raised countless cats that have found homes with cat-loving families.

All kittens from Premium Siberians  are sired from a pedigreed five-generation line of Siberian Forest Cats, producing a great variety of coats from colors including solid white, black/amber, red/orange, blue/gray, silver and colorpoints. The recent addition of a handsome Siberian male parent from named, Irtysh River has completely changed the coat colorings of its kittens, producing fluffier fur and the color point coats.

The breeder now carries the Neva Masquerade, a unique colorpoint color coat of the Siberian Forest Cats. These kittens are being raised to ensure they display the best traits the breed is famed for. In the world of feline elegance, Neva Masquerade Colorpoints stand as ambassadors of beauty, grace, and companionship. The first of these kittens will be available by the 10 of January, 2024.

Premium Siberian’s kittens are known for their friendly and sociable nature. These cats are remarkably affectionate and form strong bonds with their human companions. This sociability stems from their historical role as domesticated cats in Siberian households, where they were valued not only for their rodent-hunting skills but also for their companionship. They are also the only cats that live in packs in the wild.  This means they are more dog like in their personalities and behavior then other cats. They love to be a part of the pack and are very relational. Their pack is the family who adopts them and they treat this family as their own pack, much like dogs, with their outgoing affection and loyalty.

The allure of the majestic Siberian Forest Cat lies in a harmonious blend of grace and beauty, an endearing personality, and its unique ability to adapt. From their striking appearance and muscular build to their friendly demeanor and hypoallergenic fur. Siberian Forest Cats have rightfully earned their place as one of the most sought-after cat breeds, capturing the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide.

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