The California-based company Alterpex brings remodeling and construction industries to another level with quick and accurate as-builts.

Alterpex now uses top-notch solutions to scan the entire residential house in only one hour. Forget tip-toeing around the stationary scanners while the as-built survey takes another level.

As-built drawings are the first step in any architectural renovations or upgrades. Before you change anything, the team, including an engineer wants to see the condition of the realty. Construction planning is a must to avoid unexpected issues and extra expenses, no matter what type of property it is, a residential single-family house, or an office building of 15 floors. It often takes weeks to schedule an on-site survey, a month or more to obtain the plans, and it seems like it’s taking forever even for a typical residential house. Alterpex is changing it right now. With a combination of different 3D laser scanners and a professional approach to every project, Alterpex offers very fast and accurate as-built plans, 3D models, and ongoing support for all customers.

For the homeowners, Alterpex offers a quick one-hour scanning service, that brings as-built services in California to another level. Manual measurements are in the past, taking too long and being too vague. For the last decade, the laser scanners have been around, bringing more accuracy and a little time improvement to the process, and now, the Alterpex scanning crew can just have a walk-through around the property and leave, providing all the needed information to the team that will be working on this project. Define your area of interest and set up the scope of work so you can get everything done in only a one-time survey. Residential clients mostly receive their plans within 10 days from the day of data collection.

For architects, Alterpex offers project support starting with quality as-built plans as it is a first step in a long process of renovation and remodeling. “We don’t have plans on file, we had blueprints before but we don’t have anything for this address” – that’s what architects usually hear when they try to obtain plans from any city Buiding Department. Even if the architect already has a plan for how to renovate the house, there is still a requirement by the state of California that the before and after plans have to be presented in order to receive construction permits. Alterpex can support the entire process from start to finish, assisting with renderings, proposed plans, even with a list of furniture or other details about the project.

It was just so difficult to work on the proposed design when I had only a 2D plan on paper, and when the design and the bill of material were nearly done I finally was able to access the property and realized, that the plans were not accurate and the mistakes that are about to happen are very costly and unpleasant. This is when I decided that I have to take control of existing conditions myself” – says Yuriy Alex Kulchytsky, the owner of Alterpex.

As stated by “Today’s Homeowner” journal, 55% of Americans renovated their properties in 2022, and that can be explained by the continuous market growth. The homeowners prefer improving their properties instead of buying a new home with today’s prices being times higher and loan rates growing every year. It just makes more sense to add one more bedroom and one more bathroom to what people already own, even if they still pay loans at a fixed rate.

For builders and remodeling companies it is very important to have a quick turnaround on the projects, as they usually have a couple of projects running at the same time and Alterpex has multiple returning clients that they serve on a regular basis.”After experiencing time and communication challenges with a previous vendor, we decided to bring Alterpex on board. Their performance has been exceptional: they provided us with excellent As-Builds, maintained swift and effective communication, and delivered drawings of impressive quality. We’ve successfully completed two projects with them and have every intention of continuing to engage their services for our upcoming endeavors” says Eddie S. in a Google map review for Alterpex.

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