The Childcare Apprenticeships Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

The Childcare Apprenticeships Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

Ofsted has rated the national apprenticeship provider, The Childcare Company, as ‘good’ in its recent inspection of their apprenticeship and adult learning provision.

Simon Rouse, Chief Executive of The Childcare Company, expressed his pride in the team’s dedication: “I am immensely proud of how the whole team at The Childcare Company demonstrates their commitment to our learners and employers. They go above and beyond every single day to provide such a high level of teaching to the apprentices who play a crucial role in the sectors they serve. They do this with passion and as one team.”

A leading provider of apprenticeships nationally, The Childcare Company specialises in apprenticeships and adult learning programmes in childcare and the care of young people. Apprentices receive online one-to-one learning sessions and complete practical training in the workplace.

The Childcare Company was praised by government inspectors for providing a broad range of subject content and a supportive learning environment for its 2,364 apprentices studying programmes from Level 2 to Level 7.

Leaders and managers prioritise the well-being of their teams, and staff. They ensure that support is readily available for both personal and professional needs. This includes initiatives such as an employee assistance programme, monthly town hall meetings for questions and voicing opinions, and regular meetings to discuss caseloads. Consequently, staff members feel well-supported, valued, and an integral part of the company community.

In their adult programmes, learners choose from a wide range of subjects, curated with input from employers to meet the sector’s needs. This approach not only helps new staff achieve mandatory sector qualifications but also provides opportunities for employed staff to develop within their roles.

Nicole Smith, Chief Operating Officer of The Childcare Company, commented on the recognition: “This is a fantastic endorsement for the range and quality of adult learning courses we have on offer. I am absolutely delighted that inspectors have praised what they found and hope this inspires other people to sign up for one of the many courses we have in the childcare and early years sector. The start of the year is a great time to look at opportunities like this to improve people’s skills and learning.”

Inspectors also highlighted the knowledge and expertise of the staff and the ambitious curriculum that “meet the needs of learners, apprentices, and employers effectively.”

Learners on The Childcare Company’s apprenticeships and adult learning programmes benefit from development coaches who are experienced practitioners in their specialisms. Most are industry professionals and use their experience to engage and enthuse learners effectively.

Annie Hughes was studying a Level 5 Residential Childcare apprenticeship at Action For Children with The Childcare Company, and said, “I really felt like I genuinely learned something and especially with the Ofsted regulations. My Development Coach was just brilliant, helping me to understand new topics that I can apply to my daily role. The line between my qualification and my job felt like all of the dots just, connected. It felt cohesive as opposed to separate, it was amazing.”

Working collaboratively with development coaches and their employers, learners can successfully apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviours developed on their courses in the workplace and adapt their working practices accordingly.

From an employer standpoint, Natasha Kirby at Boys & Girls Nursery said “My managers that have completed learning are more confident, challenge processes and have new found confidence to put forward ideas to improve. I have been working with The Childcare Company for 13 years and they have always been extremely supportive, informative and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend their service and would not choose to use a different training provider. Keep doing a brilliant job – all of my learners and managers always speak so highly of the team you have and the service you provide.”

Engaging in learning with The Childcare Company helps apprentices develop character, confidence, and resilience. Inspectors heard from learners that they quickly gained the confidence needed to handle challenging work situations.

From the outcome of the Ofsted inspection, through to the feedback that The Childcare Company gain from their learners and employers, their values of ‘Changing lives by bringing learning to LIFE’ is a true validation of intent.

To find out more about working or studying with The Childcare Company, please visit our website, email or call on 01753 596 004.

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