Todd Saylor’s Wired Differently Goes on Sale Across the United States

Todd Saylor is considered somewhat of an expert when it comes to teaching people how to do things differently. The author outlines everything people need to know to think differently in a series of books called Wired Differently.

BRADENTON FLORIDA, USA – September 8, 2021 / / — Todd Saylor, an outspoken advocate of people doing things differently, has announced the publication of his book(s) called Wired Differently. The book is geared towards helping people stand out, especially those who have felt different or alone. Wired Differently outlines the advantage of being different in a society where people are programmed to be all the same. It is a series of books meant to encourage people to be who they are, and if they are different, then be bold enough to admit and own it, to be successful. “Wired Differently”, Todd’s first book in the Wired Differently series, helps readers learn how to leverage their differences and embrace being different. It teaches you the importance of thinking differently and how it can be a great asset in various facets of life.

Many people don’t realize what being different is all about. People are generally conditioned from birth to be like everyone else, hold up standards that they may not feel are theirs to hold up to. That’s why people who feel different are often scared of it, mainly because society’s view of them is scary enough to cow them into silence. “Wired Differently: Leveraging Your Favors on Fulcrum Principles is a life-changer.” Said Todd Saylor

The series of independent books is all about breaking free from the shackles of the herd to carve out a unique path. The book looks at contrasting viewpoints and discusses creativity, leadership styles, perspective, and collaboration issues.
Wired Differently is based on the idea that everyone is different, and working the way people are wired can make them stronger and perhaps better equipped to deal with numerous challenges.

Readers can find out more about Wired Differently By visiting

Wired Differently has received 4.8 stars on from readers who have purchased and read the book. The vast majority have found the book valuable and insightful.

“One of the keys to finding personal success is to start by realizing what makes you unique and consequently special. Many people in the world tend to suppress their views mainly because they feel it may not fit the general, overall narrative of their place. However, in a world that’s changing so rapidly, the ability to be unique can be rewarding. I know this because I have, like so many others, been wired differently. That’s why I’m in the best position to help people who are like me.” Said Todd Saylor

He added, “The purpose of the book is to help readers leverage their strengths to build self-confidence and get a more positive outlook on life. The principles we discuss will help you identify your passion and strength.”

“DriftAgain” is the second book in a series of books that are being released by Todd Saylor. In the second book, readers are taught how to identify what you are meant to do with your life, and how to be supremely purposeful.
Wired Differently and DriftAgain are out now and available for purchase on Alternatively, people can buy the book from the Wired Differently online store.

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