Used & Refurbished C-Arms Sold and Serviced by Summus Medical Solutions

Summus Medical Solutions has more than ten years in buying, selling, and servicing C-Arms. It refurbishes C-Arms for sale to hospitals, diagnostic centers, healthcare clinics, specialty hospitals, veterinary hospitals, etc.

According to announcements released by Summus Medical Solutions, it sells used & refurbished C-Arms to customers in Utah and other parts of the United States. Its customers mainly include hospitals, veterinary clinics, diagnostic centers, etc., that wish to purchase a reliable C-Arm from the aftermarket and save on the costs of a new one. The C-Arms facilitate diagnoses in cardiopulmonary disease, vascular studies, orthopedics, and other medical issues.

Since 2011, Summus Medical Solutions has sold C-Arms manufactured by Siemens and Philips. The most commonly purchased models include the BV Pulsera, BV Endura, Arcadis Avantic, and Arcadis Varic. The company backs its sale of C-Arms with a full warranty. Buyers have the assurance that their investment in a used C-Arms is protected under the terms and conditions of the sale. Many refurbished models can easily manage the busy workload of hospitals. The experts at Summus Medical Solutions are always at hand to guide buyers on the best-refurbished C-Arms for their needs.

Summus Medical Solutions can quickly provide customers with newer models as a replacement for the older ones to ensure that their operative costs remain low and deliver quality service.

Customers trust Summus Medical Solutions because it takes the trouble to properly refurbish a used C-Arm through tests, repairs, calibration, and a paint job. This vendor sells used C-Arms with the appropriate software installed. In addition, buyers can choose a C-Arm with rotating anode tubes for easy cleaning. There’s also a choice in models with or without DICOM.

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Summus Medical Solutions values experience highly, and its staff is composed of biomedical technicians who have had years of experience in the medical imaging industry.

Their products offered include refurbished and used products from Siemens and Philips. Summus Medical Solutions also offers parts, imaging supplies and consumables for the products we sell, including drapes, drain bags, and printing supplies. They ask questions, research and provide solutions. Summus Medical Solutions staff members are devoted to providing solutions and value to all our customer’s imaging equipment needs.

They are happy to assist customers throughout the entire process and to provide help in any way possible. If a customer has questions regarding the company or are investigating pre-owned or refurbished C-Arm solutions, they are invited to contact or call Summus Medical Solutions today.

On the business’s passion for providing customers with the best possible service, Summus Medical Solutions takes pride in their refurbishing process as well as their dedication to providing competitive pricing for the highest quality used C-Arms on the market today. Summus Medical Solutions has helped facilities save thousands of dollars and look forward to doing the same for you. To refurbish the used mobile C-Arms, they follow a rigorous evaluation, decontamination, cosmetic enhancements, staging, and testing.

Summus Medical Solutions have the expertise and passion to assess customer requirements and provide customers with the best options for their requirements.

About the Company:

Summus Medical Solutions was founded in 2011 and has since then provided refurbished C-Arms to medical facilities at competitive prices and backed its sale by excellent customer service. This vendor sells mobile C-Arms by Siemens and Philips. It also offers other supplies related to the mobile imaging equipment it sells.

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