Wiebe’s Steel Structures New Office Announcement

Morden, Manitoba—Wiebe’s Steel Structures is proud to announce the construction of a new head office located westbound on Hwy 3. The structure will consist of a two-storey office with a 5300-square-foot building footprint and an attached 6400-square-foot shop.

This move will enable Wiebe’s Steel Structures to expand their operational capacity and increase the number of services they can offer. The project is currently in the pre-construction planning stages and will tentatively break ground in 2025.

The new facility will embody Wiebe’s Steel Structures’ dedication to quality construction services and showcase their innovative approach to building-design. In addition, this expansion will enhance Wiebe’s capacity for work and solidify their reputation for industry-leading structural integrity.

“This building needs to accomplish multiple tasks: it needs to accommodate the future of Wiebe’s; it needs to be a beacon to the passers-by that, “Hey, Wiebe’s Steel Structures is here!” And it needs to be an example of the work Wiebe’s Steel Structures does. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort and we are very excited to get going.” -Jake Neufeld, General Contractor at Wiebe’s Steel Structures

The Future of Steel Construction in Manitoba and Beyond

This new office project will be a significant step in Wiebe’s Steel Structures’ growth trajectory, reflecting their commitment to industry growth and excellence. The expansive design of the new office and shop will enable Wiebe’s Steel Structures to:

Incorporating state-of-the-art steel construction methods, the new facility will set new standards in the industry, driving future growth and success in not only Morden and Manitoba itself but across all of Canada.

For more insights on how Wiebe’s Steel Structures is expanding in 2025, visit their website at https://wiebessteelstructures.com/.

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