BOUCLÉ FABRIC, The Hottest Trend In Fluffy White Furniture Is Here To Stay – Predicts Experts

The internet has gone bonkers over the so-called textile style, often white and fluffy furniture featured in numerous videos and pictures. The BOUCLÉ Style of furniture is here to stay, according to experts at Pure House.

The #treatyourself hashtag is one of the most popular trends today. One of the reasons is the fluffy white furniture associated with it. While most people who haven’t checked out the hashtag may assume it has something to do with food, it has something to do with a currently trending line of fabric style called BOUCLÉ FABRIC. The experts at Pure Home believe that the trend is here to stay for a while and have said, “we can tell you how to style your home with BOUCLÉ, it’s easier than you think.” 

The term Bouclé is derived from the French word that means “ringed.” It is usually a reference to yarn that’s made from looped fibres or fabric that’s made from looped fibres. The most common fibre used for the technique happens to be wool, but cotton, silk and linen are also used to achieve slightly different textures. Over the years, Bouclé Fabric has become a popular cross-category and a staple in many, if not all, fashion couture houses. 

Bouclé Fabric offers a set of unique benefits. It is heavy enough to absorb acoustic disruption, making it ideal for window treatments, but it is soft enough to cover a pillow. However, it is still rugged, which is one of the main reasons for the material’s popularity. 

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“Our aim is to take a new approach to homeware and interior design shopping, which considers mindfulness, comfort, luxury, self-care and good mental health.” Said the CEO of Pure House. 

She added, “I think that the fabric isn’t just a fad but a trend that is here to stay. It’s just one of those things that I think will stick around. In fact, many people I have spoken to over the past few months enjoy the fabric, and it has become a permanent part of their homes in some way, shape or form.” 

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