Buy Used & Refurbished C-Arm Inventory Updated with New Items

For a decade, Summus Medical Solutions has been focused on used and refurbished C-Arms. The inventory of these machines allows the buyers to pay less for high-quality used equipment.

Summus Medical Solutions is happy to announce that the company is constantly taking in new inventory items. The selection is sizable so that customers can easily and affordably buy used & refurbished C-Arms at prices that are more reasonable than purchasing new equipment. The current inventory includes Philips C-Arms models and Siemens C-Arms models. While not all models are available, the purchaser who needs a late model unit at a budget-friendly price can find help on the online catalog.

The specific models on the inventory are frequently changing, with some being added and others sold to discerning buyers. Generally, C-Arms are somewhat portable, so they are essential in medical facilities across the country. They are needed for surgical processes and other medical processes. Because the design of the equipment allows for the images to be taken at close quarters, they don’t interfere with the surgeon’s work.

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The current inventory includes several models at any one time. These can incorporate a range of features and styles. The Philips brand C-Arms include Philips Veradius, BV Pulsera, Philips BV Endura, and Philips BV Libra. The Siemens models include Arcadis Avantic, Arcadis Orbic 3D, Arcadis Varic, and Compact L. The inventory can include relatively late-model years obtained when medical facilities trade-in existing equipment for newer or upgraded equipment. The used equipment is then refurbished and checked by experienced engineers before being released into the used equipment inventory.

The company also offers consumables related to C-Arms and operating products. When a specific type of consumable is needed, Summus is the place to check out the options. Suppose the existing inventory doesn’t fit the needs and budgetary limitations of the customer. In that case, Summus Medical Solutions is willing to continue looking for the right combination of features and price and notify the customer should the right equipment become available.

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Summus Medical Solutions offers a constantly changing number of used and refurbished C-Arms. The focus is mainly on Siemens and Philips brands and models. The Summus Medical Solutions engineers certify the quality of the refurbished equipment.

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