Clinic Opens in Longmont Offering Weight Loss and Testosterone Treatments

Jay Griffin has opened the Testosterone Optimization Clinic of Colorado in Longmont to address the lack of health practitioners for men. TOC Colorado helps men access the resources and insurance coverage they need to address health issues related to changing testosterone levels and other men’s health issues.


LONGMONT, CO – In response to the growing need for specialized men’s health resources and insurance coverage, Jay Griffin has proudly announced the opening of the Testosterone Optimization Clinic of Colorado. This innovative clinic, located in Longmont, is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical weight loss and testosterone injections and replacement tailored to each individual’s needs.

The Testosterone Optimization Clinic of Colorado is committed to treating the whole person, offering a unique and convenient experience that includes all necessary medication, supplies, and education. The clinic’s treatment programs also encompass nutrition education, exercise physiology programs, and concierge care when required.

Jay Griffin, the owner of the clinic, offers free consultations for those interested in exploring their options for weight loss and improved well-being at his Longmont Testosterone and Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Griffin’s journey to opening this clinic was deeply personal. After experiencing progressive symptoms and a decline in his health, he tried various treatments including natural supplements, HGH boosters, and antidepressants among others. It was only after discovering his low testosterone levels that he began testosterone therapy which dramatically improved his health.

In addition to low testosterone levels, Griffin has also battled with weight issues throughout his life. With a background in bariatric surgery for weight loss, he understands the struggles patients face with fluctuating weight even after major surgery. He believes that new medications can significantly help with these issues over time.

Recognizing the lack of specific resources for men dealing with similar health issues inspired Griffin to research and become certified in this field. His goal is to provide a practitioner who understands firsthand what it feels like to need help without having access to appropriate resources.

“Because of everything I’ve gone through,” says Griffin, “I take that knowledge and understanding and put all my energy into helping men be successful in returning their health to normal.”

The Testosterone Optimization Clinic of Colorado is now open and ready to serve those seeking a comprehensive approach to medical weight loss and testosterone injections and treatments. With a focus on individualized care and a commitment to understanding each patient’s unique journey, the clinic is poised to fill a significant gap in men’s health resources in Longmont and beyond.

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