Colorado Springs Medicare Agency Helps Clients Plan for 2024 And Beyond

The experienced Colorado Springs insurance broker represents many highly rated companies. Kelli is proud to assist clients in learning the latest information about Medicare.

Colorado Springs, CO: Think 65 and Kelli Hold are proud to inform clients that the Colorado Springs Medicare Agency is available to clients in need of consultation about their insurance plans and needs for coverage. People who are age 65 or older are eligible for Medicare coverage. Other individuals eligible to receive Medicare are those under age 65 and with specific disabilities. People suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease are covered by Medicare, regardless of their age. Kelli has been helping retirees with their home, auto, and medical benefits, including health insurance, Medicare, dental, vision, hospital indemnity, and life insurance since 2018.

Original Medicare covers healthcare services, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drugs. Kelli provides a free consultation to learn about the costs of plans, estimated savings, and assistance with enrolling. A sign-up offer on the Think 65 website distributed the unbiased Guide to Medicare by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. The offering is the official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook. The agency will email it to customers at no charge.

Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap plans, are policies that assist in paying for the excess charges left over by Medicare. These costs are things like deductibles and coinsurance. Medicare Supplement policies are marketed by private insurance firms licensed to sell Medicare plans.

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Medigap helps to cover out-of-pocket costs for services covered under Medicare Parts A and B. The costs include coinsurance, deductibles, copayments, skilled nursing facility costs, hospital costs after Medicare pays its share, and more. Some Medicare Supplement insurance plans include medical services coverage while traveling outside the United States.

Original Medicare only covers 80% of Part B expenses. The other 20% comes from an individual’s pocket if they do not have a Medigap policy. Someone who needs lengthy treatment or some costly ones can see how that could rack up, but Medicare Supplements pay that 20% for the customer.

There are generally considered to be ten different Medicare Supplement plans. Not every plan is available to every Medicare beneficiary, and not every Medicare Supplement company offers every Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Supplement plans are identified with a letter from A through N. Medicare Supplements provide different benefits, but each plan must have the same standardized coverage regardless of the insurance company from which the plan is purchased. The only difference between companies is the price.

Medicare Part C is called Medicare Advantage. It is an all-in-one replacement to Original Medicare that private insurance companies offer. It typically includes Part A and Part B benefits, additional benefits that Medicare does not provide. Medicare Advantage Plans can also include Part D Prescription Drug Plan Coverage.

Medicare Part D provides Prescription Drug Coverage under standalone prescription drug plans that private insurance companies offer. Every Prescription Drug Plan has a register of covered drugs called a Formulary. Each Formulary is also broken into tiers, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 6. If a drug the customer is prescribed is not on the Formulary, they can request an exception, pay out-of-pocket for the medication, or file an appeal to see if the plan will cover it. Formularies differ from plan to plan, so before choosing a Prescription Drug Plan, ensure that the medications are included in the Formulary.

Choosing a Colorado Springs Medicare agent or agency is an important decision. The Medicare Insurance Agents at Think65 are well-trained in Colorado Springs Medicare Supplement Plans, Colorado Springs Medicare Advantage Plans, and other Medicare Plans in Colorado Springs. The representatives at Think65 work with many carriers; they are considered Medicare Brokers. This organizational structure means they work for clients rather than insurance companies. They will provide free Medicare help, and customers will not pay for their services.

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