Eachnight Research, Findings Suggest Mattress Companies Are Eager to Offer Bigger Deals in 2021

Eachnight has also ranked the best 4th of July mattress deals available in the days leading up to the 4th of July weekend and for several days afterward. The article alludes to there being more deals available in 2021 than in prior years. 

ST. PETERSBURG, FL., July 3, 2021 –– Eachnight is a publication that mainly covers various aspects of sleep research, medical science and the best products for a good night’s sleep. Each year the publication lists the top ten best products, which include mattresses. However, the publication recently published an article talking about many more brands offering a discount in 2021 and more specifically in the days leading up to the July 4th weekend. Also, to help consumers sift through all the 4th of July mattress deals, the editorial team at eachnight has compiled a list of the best 4th of July mattress sales they recommend. 

Eachnight, has put together a pretty long list of top-rated brands and a few highly rated mattresses from some of the leading mattress companies. The focus of the article has mainly been on exclusive deals that help people save the most money. The deals generally help mattress buyers save anywhere from $100 to $300, with some discounts being as high as 30%. Memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses have, according to the publication, been amongst the most discounted products. This year’s promotions even come with discounts on adjustable beds, pillows, sheets, blankets, and other bedding accessories.

Readers who want to find out more can read the original Eachnight article at:https://eachnight.com/mattress-sales/4th-of-july-mattress-sales.

 “Some of the mattress deals also typically come with a 100-night sleep trial, free delivery, free returns, and a 10–25-year warranty. This ensures you can try any of the mattresses risk-free and enjoy sleeping on a cloud for at least a decade,” said one of the representatives for the publication. 

The publication also offers tips to help readers find the right deal on the perfect mattress. Ideally, one that will last a long time that comes backed by a warranty and offers the prospect of the best sleep at the right price.  For more information, click to read Eachnight’s list of the Best July 4th Mattress Sales of 2021.

Eachnight’s team has also reviewed dozens of different mattress models in their list of the best mattresses of 2021. However, the website is also home to lots of mattress reviews and other invaluable sleep-related information. 

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