Newsweek Ranks The Best 4th of July Mattress Deals with Tips On Finding the Right One

The leading publication ranks the Amerisleep AS3, a plant-based memory foam mattress with five support zones at no. 1, followed by Zoma and Vaya mattresses.

ALBANY, NY, – Popular news site has put together a top 10 ranking of the Best 4th of July Mattress Sales of 2021 – Top Mattress Brand Deals. The rankings are an effort by the publication to help shoppers find and save on the best mattress deals. The article is meant to make it easier for those shopping for a mattress this year not to have to sift through possibly hundreds of deals. 

Some of the deals mentioned include mega sales on memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, cooling mattresses, budget mattresses, luxury mattresses, latex mattresses, and even bedding and adjustable beds. Most mattresses featured in the “Top Mattress” article come with free delivery, free returns, long (100-night) sleep trials, and extended (10-20 years) warranties. However, Newsweek’s article also considers other features such as brand credibility, quality of the mattress and how much discount is being offered. 

Each year Americans are bombarded with hundreds of 4th of July bedding deals, which makes finding the best possible deal or one that offers the best value for their money challenging. Most people who may, for instance, decide to buy a mattress will do so on price alone, which is incorrect. If anything, a $500 mattress with a $10 discount is still cheaper than a $1000 mattress with a $400 discount, but the more expensive mattress isn’t just offering a steeper discount but more value for money. Higher quality mattresses last longer, and are best suited to people who suffer from back and neck pain. 

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The Newsweek article has a list of valuable tips, tricks and advice on finding the right mattress. However, people with back, spine and neck issues will want to consult with a doctor who will recommend the correct type of mattress for a good night’s sleep. 

“We think that the Newsweek article has done an excellent job of helping people find the best deals on mattresses this year. Now is possibly the best time of the year to buy the mattress you always wanted. Furthermore, a high-quality mattress can last you for at least a decade, so most buyers will save money in the long-term,” said a sleep expert when asked to comment about the Newsweek article. 

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